I’ve Been Lucky to Find Myself Here

I look out this window and think this is a cosmos, this is a huge creation, this is one small corner of it. The trees ans the birds and everything else and I am part of it. I didn’t ask to be put here. I’ve been lucky finding myself here. ~ Morris West

Taken by the wonderful MonstrousJaffa

Sinful Sunday


I love playing with edits of photos, sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. I can’t put my finger on why but I love this edit, I can’t think of a suitable name for it either but I just keep looking at it.

Sinful Sunday

A Fantasy Realised

For years I fantasised about being part of a threesome, for many of those years I never thought it would be anything more than a fantasy, a scene that would play out in my head and assist many an orgasm. When you’ve had that idea in your head for so long you wonder if the reality could ever live up to the scenario you’ve built up head but I’m pleased to report it absolutely did and then some.

Sinful Sunday


Look at yourself in the mirror and don’t be afraid to notice how beautiful you are ~ Yoko Ono

I know I’m not alone in having gained some lockdown pounds and lost some body confidence over the last year or so. I had been very kindly been gifted the outfit in this photo about six months ago but I had put off trying it on until this week because of that, worried I wouldn’t do it justice, that I wouldn’t like how my body looked in it.

We can all be guilty of being hard on ourselves, of only focusing on our flaws rather than the things we like about ourselves but I turned a corner this week. I put on the sexy outfit and I didn’t look for flaws, I looked at the bright colour against my pale flesh, the way the soft material clung to my skin and I could see the beauty.

Sinful Sunday

Birthday Blur

Yesterday I got to extend my birthday by an extra day and what better way to do it than spend it with Monstrous Jaffa and start his birthday celebrations a bit early.

When the camera came out there was definitely the intention of getting a picture for today but well, we got a bit distracted. Thankfully I was able to take some stills from videos and ended up with several pictures it was really hard to choose between. I love them all but had to pick one…

Sinful Sunday