Colour wins

I’m a big fan of black and white, especially when it comes to pictures of my body. Monochrome often seems a kinder, safer option but not all images are designed to be safe. This is one of those occasions, when I tried this image in black and white it lost something, a rawness that I really liked.

Sinful Sunday

Want vs Need

You know what you want, you want to suck cock but what you need is to be told to get on your knees and open your mouth.


Sinful Sunday

A Minute More

Wait, keep your hand there
Just for a minute princess

There’s no to need rush

Oh how I love it

When you whimper just like that 

Maybe a minute more

Sinful Sunday

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Work of Art

For the Sinful Sunday May prompt the wheels gave me Minimalist and No  Humans. This gives me the perfect opportunity to show off my beautiful Adam from Godemiche.

Sinful Sunday


Can you see me smiling?

Can you hear my sated breaths?

As I lay here recalling

Our exquisite sins of flesh

Sinful Sunday

As You Command

“I want your naked body laid out for me to see, your thighs parted, pussy lips swollen and slick with juice”

Sinful Sunday