What Will You Do?

If I stay right here, what will you do? Will you keep me there and enjoy the view? Will you pull me up onto your lap, pulling me against me? Will you put your hand on my shoulder and push me to my knees?

Sinful Sunday

Erotic Photography #KOTW

I’m not sure I’ve ever joined in with #KOTW before, maybe once, but I couldn’t let this one pass me by. I have never been much of a writer, I do it but know I am not really any good. Photography has always been much more comfortable for me, there have been plenty of images I am proud of over the years.

Pictures that I can look back on and still be somewhat amazed that I’m looking at a picture of myself and loving what I see, loving how sexy I look.

In the last year I’ve also had the privilege of photographing others and I think I enjoy that even more. Showing them how amazing they look, how I see them. We can all be so critical of ourselves that sometimes we need a reminder that we’re being too hard on ourselves and to see what others see when they look at us.

Ultimately though, through erotic photography I have felt part of something. It has been a constant for me, seeing and sharing wonderful images with others. Molly’s fabulous Sinful Sunday is the only meme I have really stuck to taking part in over the years as it is all about the image. I don’t need to find anything interesting to say, I can just show my photos, my art, myself.

Spoilt for Choice

I have spent the last few days flicking through photos on my phone, trying to decide which of the amazing photos captured earlier this week I would share first. Its been so long since I had such a fabulous dilemma and so tempting to just post them all.

Eventually though I settled on one, one that every time I look at makes me feel sexy, and makes my cunt flutter.

Huge thanks to Jaffa for capturing just one of the incredible hot moments of an amazing afternoon.

Sinful Sunday


It’s been a long arsed lockdown, my physical contact with others has been almost non existent for seven months and I’m definitely feeling the effects of that now.

I have been feeling a little disconnected, not just from the world around me but from myself, more specifically my body. I’m not sure how much of that is just me and how much of that is because I am lacking that physical closeness of another human.

The good news is my solitude is coming to end, in two weeks I’ll be get to spend some quality time with a wonderful human and I can’t bloody wait.

Sinful Sunday

I am Feeling Creative

A lot of my creativity recently has been focused on things I want to do with my house and garden but I took some pictures a while ago and had great fun with an editing app, this is definitely my favourite of the quirky edits

Sinful Sunday