I know what you’ve wanted since the first day I visited your office. Although you thought you had hidden it well I could feel your eyes burning into my flesh every time my back was turned or you though I wasn’t looking. Had I teased you? Yes, my skirt had become shorter on days I was visiting you, my tops slightly tighter. I had held your gaze longer than was normal and I had given you that knowing smile each time, it was time for me to leave.

Today was no different really, apart from today I was going to leave you with more than just my usual smile. When our meeting was over you rose from your desk to show me out but as my eyes met yours you seem to lose your words. Now you’re just stood there fumbling for words as I rise from my chair and walk toward you. You stop trying to speak and simply watch me as I get closer.

I raise my hand to your chest and with a handful of your shirt I pull you towards me and finally give you the kiss I know you’ve been wanting for so long. You hands grasp at my back and you pull me in tight, where I can feel your growing arousal. Our mouths locked together, tongues dancing to their own rhythm. My hand releases your shirt and begins to trail a path down your chest coming to rest on the now very evident bulge in your trousers.

I pull my mouth away from yours just enough to look into your eyes as I run my finger along the waistband of your trousers. Your deep intake of breath gives away your desire for me to go further. Opening your trousers, you can’t keep eye contact anymore and lean back against the wall behind you as I am presented with your twitching needy cock. With every gentle stoke from my fingers I can see your body tense and sway and as I drop to my knees, you plant a hand on the wall to steady yourself.

I run my tongue across the tip teasing you still, tiny circles with the tip of my tongue making your hips rock forward. Deciding I’ve teased you enough I place my soft, warm lips around your cock; drawing it in. Your head rolls back as the sensation deepens with each movement in and out of my mouth. Your hand finds my hair, as mine finds your balls and you grip increases as I continue. Intensity increasing your hips begin to rock as you fuck my mouth, I know your close as you twist my hair in your grip and I take you deeper into my mouth.

Finally a moan escapes your body as you shoot your seed into my mouth for me to swallow.

While you’re still breathless and using the wall for a support I rise and kiss you so you can taste your cum on me, as you start to kiss me back I pull away again. I head for the door and leave you with that smile you’ve come to know so well.

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