Take Me

I want you to fuck me, that’s I all want from you, it’s all I need. Don’t speak, or try to hold me and kiss me tenderly, just take me.

Grip my skin, as you take me deep, holding me in position as your fingers dig further into my flesh.  Watch my fingers search for something to cling to as you steal the fuck from me.

Take me hard until the room spins, I forget my own name and the only sounds are guttural groans and the slap of skin as you force your way into me again and again.

I want to tremble beneath you long after my need has been satisfied as you continue your defilement of me, left simply as your fucktoy to drive into until you are spent.

And after you have reached your release, you’ll leave me as a tangled mess of skin and breath until my senses return and I ask you to take me again.

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