What you assumed?

Following on from @mydesire’s post last week on the assumptions people have made about her, which you can read here, I decided to share a few of the assumptions I have experienced on twitter.

You run a sex toy site, you must spend all your time trying out the toys.

Actually no, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes which doesn’t allow for days spent trying all the toys plus we all have different things we are interested in and there are plenty of products that do not appeal to me or are not designed for my needs. It is also much better for other people to try out that toys as they can give impartial reviews where as I could easily be accused of biased.

A sex toy site and a naughty twitter account, you must be horny all the time.

Far from it, the fantasy of a constantly horny woman I am not. In fact my poor husband sometimes has to put up with me losing all interest in sex. There is often no clear reason why it happens and no clear pattern as to when it will return, it is a very frustrating thing for us both but thankfully we have learnt ways to cope with it when it occurs.

You’re avi is great, you have a gorgeous body.

As much as this is ever so flattering, I pride myself on being honest and  I would say that although the avi’s I display do show my body I only show the bits I am happy look good in those photos. I know we all have a different idea of what is gorgeous but perhaps if we were ever to meet in person you would be shocked with the woman you found. That said if we were ever to meet I would hope I had been a good enough judge of character to not meet someone that only interested in someone’s looks.

Does your husband know you have a naughty twitter account.

Unfortunately this is one I have met quite a few times, as soon as they discover I am married and have a NSFW account they want to fit me neatly into the bored housewife box. This couldn’t be further from the truth, my husband does know about my twitter account he has one too and once you get to know us you will realise we are both very happy in our relationship and neither of us is on twitter because we are bored with each other. We are however very open and honest with each other so if you send one of us a kinky message be warned the other is likely to know about it. We don’t have secrets.

You and your husband have visited @saucybunny and @ThisSuperman a couple of times, I bet that is a wild weekend of sex.

We have been lucky enough to be welcomed to superbunny towers as have our children, our visits don’t involve wild sex but instead include 6 excited children, 2 daft dogs and a demonic cat plus much wine food and laughter and the odd bit of singing when the wine kicks in.

You and your husband both have kinky accounts on twitter, you must be swingers or sleeping with other people all the time.

We are neither, we both have our accounts where we can talk to who we want, when we want, about whatever we want but that is where it stays. We do not have any physical relationships other than with each other. The only involvement any other person may have in our sex life together is that if someone has sent one of us a message that we have found a turn on or has sparked an idea then we will share that with each other and take it from there. So although it might not be what you were planning when you sent that message be assured your kinky words do not go unnoticed, they will have probably given at least one of us an orgasm.

I am sure there are more assumptions that will occur to me and I will add them as and when they do. If you have any assumptions you would like to share, please do.