Happy Birthday

I realised today that I have just missed my third Twitter birthday as I write this I have had my twitter account for three years two days and twenty-three hours. This wasn’t my first Twitter account but it has always been the account where I can be myself completely.

I am certain I can say I am not the person I was when I opened this account, I have grown so much by having the freedom to be me, say what I want and be accepted for that. I have just been looking back through some old photographs that were taken in 2010, the year I joined twitter. I have always been one of those people who will take at least 30 pictures to get to one I like enough to show to anyone else but now looking back, I realise that actually some of the photos I have from back then are good. The skin on show, I love a lot more than I did back then. The flaws I probably picked at when the photo was taken no longer bothers me. I am never going to be a skinny mini and that’s OK!!

So here we are, my celebratory 3rd birthday photo. Thanks for sticking with me and putting up with my rants and my waffle.

legs 042

I’m Not Talking Dirty

Over the past couple of days I have had two conversations with two different people that have got my back up. Neither person intended to annoy me, they weren’t directly rude to me and I don’t think either had any idea they had done anything wrong. What they did do wrong was make presumptions.

The first guy is someone I know in the real world, we aren’t close but every so often he texts me and we have a brief catch up but inevitably he will always try to steer the conversation towards sex. Now any of you that know me will know I am happy to talk about sex all day long. There are so many different areas of sex, the dynamics of the relationships and it is always good to learn new things. However that isn’t the kind of conversation he wants to have, he wants something to help him get off. Because he knows that I am a very open person and find it easy to talk about sex, he seems to believe that this means I want to talk dirty with him and help him work his way to an orgasm, I don’t. I am not sexually attracted to him, I don’t find anything he says to me a turn on and that fact that he makes these presumptions about me is an even bigger turn off.

The second guy is originally from twitter but who has recently started to contact me through Kik. The conversations tend to be the general. Hi how are you? Hows your day been? etc. But each time I can tell he wants more and today after I told him I was at work it gave him the opportunity he had been looking for. He asked if I had to wear a uniform to work and when I replied no, he wanted to know what I was wearing. I was completely honest as I always try to be and said I was wearing jeans, a grey jumper and a red scarf. But of course that wasn’t enough, he wanted to know what was underneath. Trying to keep the conversation on a humorous level but also trying to make him a bit aware of what he was doing I asked if he wanted to know the truth or if he wanted to know what would fit with his imagination. I thought this might be the reality check he needed but no, his response was he wanted the truth but if he wasn’t keen on that I could then tell him something to fit with his imagination! At that point I felt so angry that I ended the conversation so as not to say anything offensive.

So why does this happen? Where does this presumption come from? How is the connection made between me being happy to talk openly about sex to me wanting to help them get off?! Do they automatically presume that because I am open about sex that I am continuously in a state of arousal that they can tap into and use. I wonder if they ever think about trying to say anything that might make the conversation stimulating for me or are they under some illusion that just the fact they ask these things of me turns me on? It doesn’t.

I don’t want to berate either of these men, like I have said I don’t think they ever intended to insult me. It does however make me question how I talk to people though. How do I continue to have open and honest conversations without people I talk to presuming that I will automatically want to talk dirty to them?

The Birthday Present~Guest Post

Today I received an email from a friend. He had decided to try his hand at writing some erotica and I was lucky enough to be the first person to read his first piece of work. I was completely blown away by it and knew it would be an absolute travesty if no one else got to read it. Thankfully he agreed that I could share it with you all. So here it is, please read it and leave him a comment if you too think that for a first story it’s pretty impressive. ~Ouizzi

Diane woke to find she had the bed to herself; she could hear the bath running and sounds from the kitchen. It was her birthday and Anton obviously had something special planned so she closed her eyes and tried to think of what it might be. After a few minutes Anton came into the room, kissed her gently on the lips,

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart” he said whilst taking her by the hand and leading her to the bathroom. The bathroom was lit by scented candles and the aromatic perfumes filled her senses. She stepped into the bath and settled down. This was a good start to the day; she thought.

“You relax, I‘ll be back soon” he said leaning over and softly caressing her neck with his lips.

As she soaked in the bath she sensed that today was going to be very special indeed.


A while later he returned, helped her to stand, wrapped her in a big towel and led her to the bedroom where a table was set up. Smoked salmon on scrambled egg, her favourite and a glass of Champagne. She dried herself and they sat down to eat.

“I could get used to this” she said smiling across to him.

“This is your day sweetheart, but I am in charge of it. All you have to do; is everything I tell you” Diane was taken aback by this and looked him in the eye. There was a steely determination in them which she rarely saw, she liked it!

“Yes Master!” she said, smiling but not mockingly. They had experimented with Dom/sub role play before but not for a while. Diane felt the excitement grow.

After Breakfast Anton Said “while I clear the pots away you get yourself ready, Hair tied up please.” She did as instructed and tied her hair in a long plait circled into a bun, when he came back into the room he carried a leather body harness which he fitted to her without saying a word. The Straps were tightened at the waist, thighs and collar. He then produced a plain black silk dress which he put over her covering the harness. He then produced a pair of her plain black flat shoes; this surprised her as she was expecting him to want her in high heels which he liked her in so much.

“Time to go” he said and led her by the hand down stairs and out to the car. Diane was now feeling nervous and confused. Their role playing in the past had always taken place in the safety of their own home.

“Where are we going babe?” she asked.

“Trust me” he said “and address me as Master from now on until I say otherwise” His voice was gentle but uncompromising. They drove for about 45 minutes into the countryside before turning into a gated tree lined lane. About a mile into the woods they pulled into a layby and got out.

Anton got a sports bag out of the boot and locked the car. “This way” he said and took her by the arm and guided her down a narrow path, after a short walk they came upon a thick gorse hedge with a solid wooden door in it, Anton took out a key and unlocked the door, locking it behind him they went through a two meter tunnel of gorse and emerged into a circular area about 10 meters across. The hedge around was about three meters high. The afternoon sun beating down, it seemed an idyllic place for a private picnic. As Diane took in the scene she saw that dotted around the circle was several wooden structures.

Anton led her to a post. He positioned her with her back to the post. “Do you trust me Diane?”

“Yes Master, totally!” she said.

“Then take off your dress and shoes” he commanded. As she did so he opened the sports bag and produced leather wrist cuffs which he put on her, attached to a length of rope and reached up passing it through a ring on the post above her head. Pulling on the rope Diane’s hands were pulled up and the rope was tied off leaving her helpless and exposed, naked except for the body harness. Anton put cuffs on her ankles then stood and ran his hands over her body lingering over her breasts and inner thighs, tracing every contour with his fingers. Diane writhed with nervous excitement at his touch. Anton went back into his bag and took out a black latex hood. He moved close to Diane and kissed her gently on the lips. Diane’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the hood and Anton spoke softly, “Last chance, do you want me to go on?”   Diane’s mind was whirring, fear, excitement and pure sexual exhilaration all making her head swim.

“Yes Please Master” she said breathlessly. Anton took the hood and stretched it over her head and zipped it down the back. A collar fastened snuggly round the neck. All was dark for Diane now as there were no eyeholes, just two small holes at the nostrils and a larger one for the mouth. Anton then put a ring gag into her mouth and fastened the straps at the back of her head forcing her mouth open and preventing speech. He caressed her body all over squeezing and massaging her breasts and sliding his fingers in and out of her now juicy pussy. Diane writhed and bucked in pleasure but as she came close to climaxing he stopped, raised his head to her ear and said, “Happy Birthday, I’ll see you later” and he walked away.

What!! Diane’s head was swimming, what the fuck just happened??? When all these thoughts subsided she struggled to control the noise of her breathing and strained to listen. She heard a key turn in the lock of the gate and then nothing. She struggled against her bonds but soon realised they were solid and she was going nowhere. She could feel the warm sun on her body and hear the sound of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. The sound of birdsong and insects becoming louder and louder, she could feel flies landing on her naked breasts and body. She waited for what seemed like ages with every new sound and feeling being amplified a hundred fold in her helpless isolation. She trusted him implicitly and knew he wouldn’t let any harm come to her but still her head swam with fear and apprehension.

After what seemed like an age she heard the metallic click of key in lock again and a feeling of relief flooded into her whole body. She strained to listen but the soft grass muffled any sound of footsteps. Suddenly she felt the sting of a slap to her behind which made her scream. She then felt a hand upon her inner thigh which made her buck and twist. There was something different?  The hands were gloved in what felt like soft leather. He’s trying to trick me, she thought, trying to make me think it may be someone else. She relaxed a little and when she felt her hands being released from above her she complied with the guidance of the gloved hands.

She was walked forwards over the soft warm grass a few yards and was stood with legs astride what she assumed was the sawhorse like structure she had spotted on entering the gorse enclosure. Her ankles were attached at the bottom and she felt herself being bent forwards over the sawhorse, her front making contact with the hot sun-baked wood. Her hands were pulled down either side of the front legs and attached leaving her straddled across the structure with her backside in the air and her bum and pussy available for whatever Anton wanted to do with them. Her head was also in such a position where her chin was raised with her mouth open to what came next.

She felt the gloved hands spanking her and her arse cheeks getting hotter and hotter with every blow. She pushed her backside out to meet each blow; she had always liked being spanked. Then came the shock! She felt fingers probing her anus and wet pussy throwing her into a frenzy and she started to cry out in pleasure when she felt her head taken hold of and a hard penis thrust into her mouth.

Oh god there’s two of them. Anton had always argued against her ideas of a threesome so the thought never entered her head. Her mind was reeling and as she tried to make sense of what was now happening to her she felt the thrust of a hot throbbing cock in her quivering hot pussy and another in her mouth. Sparks were flying round her head as she was worked into a frenzy. A massive orgasm came upon her like a tidal wave, every muscle in her body thrown into spasm but with her tied down so securely the wave had nowhere to go but back to her pussy. Her head almost exploded in a flash of lightning and she passed into an almost comatose state of euphoria. She remained in this state as she was released and slowly came to her senses to find herself lying on a blanket being held in the firm loving embrace of Anton’s arms.  This was a birthday she wouldn’t forget for a long time.