Talking Is Key

For those of you that didn’t already know, I am a happily married woman. I met my husband almost fourteen years ago and although there is no denying we have been through the mill a few times, each time we have emerged stronger and closer. I truly am a believer that relationships are given up on far too easily in our modern society and although not all relationships are going to be with that forever person, when that person comes along that is the real deal you fight, you talk, you work together to fix problems. Thankfully my husband has the same outlook and due to that we have been able to build a stronger relationship than I ever believed possible. So much so that recently we have added a new dynamic to our relationship that would never have been possible without the strength that has grown between us.

Over recent months and after lots of talking, we have both begun relationships with other people. We are both exploring our dominant sides outside of our marriage. I know a lot of people struggle with this idea, they believe that there must be something wrong with our relationship that we have felt the need to do this but I can assure you it is quite the opposite. If anything we have again been made stronger by doing this, we share all our thoughts and feelings with each other as each new situation arises and enjoy the excitement the other experiences along the way.

I don’t mean to make this sound like it was an easy straight forward decision, like I mentioned early there was a great deal of talking that went on before any decision was made and a whole lot more after too. Thankfully we enjoy these conversations, we are comfortable enough with each other to talk about anything and everything and even if there is something that comes up that one of us isn’t completely comfortable with we will continue to communicate with each other until any feelings of unease have been lifted one way or another.

So why am I telling you all this anyway? Well for two reasons really, firstly because this is exciting and I am using it as an introduction to further posts about my new relationship with pet and secondly because I want to emphasise just how important talking is. We live in a world where we have so many forms of communication available to us but how often do you REALLY talk to people? How often do you get past the general chit chat and talk about the things that really matter to you, especially to the people that matter most? It’s not always easy but the results can truly be amazing, try it.

It’s Been A While

It certainly isn’t the longest I have gone without blogging but somehow 12th May seems such a long time ago. The main reason for this is probably because so much has happened in the last six weeks or so. None of the events that have taken place in this time are less or more important than the other but I don’t want to throw them all into one post, they each deserve their own space and of course with one of them being that I am now unemployed I will have the time to write about each of them properly.

For now I suppose I just have a few thank you’s to make and I’m going to start with the super twitter folk that have listened to me moan about losing my job, helped distract me, made me smile and at times offered their advice so thank you to @SCharment @Mcbitchytits @GingerMonkey78 @rawr_imapanda @justarandomscot and @ThisSuperman (I’ve probably missed a couple of other lovely souls but I promise it isn’t intentional I appreciate all of you).

Next is the lovely Pet, thank you for keeping my mind occupied with more fun things than losing my job and being on hand for a good hug when I needed them.

And finally I want to thank my gorgeous hubby, who as always has been by my side offering support, advice and cuddles whenever I need them. He’s also been making me as much tea as I can drink and fetching me chocolate whenever I need it (yes you can NEED chocolate!). You really are so wonderful and I am such a lucky woman to share my life with you. SO MUCH BABY!!

And now I have done my thank you’s I can turn my mind to thinking about what to blog about first, suggestions on a postcard…