I’m usually very selective over the pictures I post especially on here. For each picture that makes it onto my blog there will be a huge amount that get scraped. Some will be because the angle or light isn’t right or maybe there is something wrong with the backdrop but most get binned because I don’t like me in them.
I normally use my bridge camera to take my photos and then transfer thematic my laptop for editing. If you’ve seen my other pictures you’ll see I favour monochrome, somehow I feel I look better in black and white.
I am also a woman that can never leave the house without a bra on. My breasts are on the large side and I’ve had three children so they need good support, without it I am far less proud of them but this weekend I have spent the whole time at home and braless. By the end of yesterday the weight of my breasts had taken its toll on the vest I was wearing and it was struggling to contain me at all which to me looked ridiculous.
I took a picture to show my husband while he was at work, he is the only person that usually sees my unedited photos. Today I looked at the picture again and after an hour or so of indecision I decided, sod it!
So here I am, braless and unedited.


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14 thoughts on “Unedited

  1. I am the same as you. I bin 90% and edit to within an inch of my life on the rest, never quite happy. I look at this and think you look absolutely gorgeous. We are our own worst critic. x

  2. One thing of being blessed with amazing boobs. I as well have have two kids myself, but I am still on the smaller side, B Cup, and walk around my house bra less daily, what I wouldn’t do for just some of your boobs, so be very proud of them!

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