Lunch Break

We’d been firing text messages back and forth all morning, a slow, sweet build up to when we could finally be alone together. As I watched the office clock tick round I willed it to move faster, I couldn’t even concentrate on my work now our moment together was so close. As the clock struck 1pm I fired off one final email telling him I was on my way, chucked my phone into my bag and headed out of the office. Striding along the corridor I checked behind me before slipping through a side door at the end and into the emergency stairwell.

Looking down over the rail I’m greeted by his smiling face waiting for me two floors below. I make my way down to him and follow behind as we venture through the  badly lit and neglected corridors in the depths of the building.I make one more check behind me as we reach the door to our sanctum before following him inside and closing the door.

The old strip lighting clinks and flickers above us as I launch myself at him. My body smashes against his, forcing him to stumble backwards until he is pinned against the metal racking that fills the old store-room. My mouth crashes against his with a desperate need to devour him, to take him in and make him mine. His hands move towards my chest as he begins to try to fight against the assault on his lips but my lust outweighs his protest and as I force his wrists against the cold metal shelf at his head, the tension in his body fades. He is melting into me, leaving the world outside that door behind and surrendering himself to me.

Breathless from my campaign I release my hold and rest against the unit behind me, his body sags and he slumps to his knees. Staring at the top of his head I wait as he composes himself and lifts his head to me. That look in his eyes gets me every time, who needs words when he can convey such adoration and need in the simple act of meeting my eyes. My need matching his I hitch my skirt up and prop my bottom on the supportive strut of the unit at my back.

He leans in eagerly, desperate to immerse himself in me. His mouth hits me with a ferocity matching my assault on his lips and my legs lift higher in response. His hunger drives him in and as he plunges his tongue into me I have to find something to hold. I desperately grasp at the back of his head pulling him deeper into me as my hips begin to pitch and sway. My orgasm rips through me like lightning, my body convulsing and humming as he continues to lap at me until I am left a panting euphoric mess.

My legs slip away from him and his hands guide me back to my feet. While I get my balance he straightens my skirt for me and looks up at me proudly. I can’t resist kissing his sweet happy face again before helping him up even though I know we are probably now both late back from lunch. We head back out into the corridor, our fingers entwined and we begin up the stairs together. Reaching my floor I steal one final kiss before sending him on his way and slipping back out of the stairwell and back towards the office.

As I settle back at my desk the ping of an email arriving makes me jump, clicking on the flashing envelope I see it is from my boss:

P: Seen as you missed lunch, allow me to buy you dinner? X

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