Good Morning Baby

Last week for Sinful Sunday I decided to get brave with Under The Hood. I have always been very selective about what images I post about myself and they are always just fragments of me, my legs, my side, my breasts but even then they are covered to some extent. None of you will have ever seen a glimpse of my nipple or the wobbly bits at the top of my thighs but after last weeks decision to get brave here we are.

This morning I woke up in bed alone, my husband had already left for work and after dozing and playing I got out of bed feeling fresh and sexy and decided to share that with my husband. So phone in hand using the tatty mirror on the landing, I took this picture of the whole of me. Obviously it was initially shared with my lovely hubby but then I decided sod it, I’m going to share it with everyone else too. Yes it’s grainy and the tatty old mirror makes it look like I have cum dripping down me but underneath all that is just me, bare, sexy and proud.


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Sinful Sunday

Under The Hood

This year I want to push myself to be braver about what I am prepared to post when it comes to images that contain me. This week’s macro prompt was the perfect opportunity so here’s me getting brave.


Sinful Sunday