For The Love of Mono

There’s no denying I love black and white photographs although sometimes I’ll throw in a nice little sepia number I always return it. To me this effect reduce noise and highlight details that make ordinary pictures beautiful and that’s what I wanted to try and show with this post.

The original picture would be one that I would probably delete, the light is wrong and it doesn’t speak to me.

Clr Woods

But then you remove all the colour…

blk woods

…beautiful right?

Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “For The Love of Mono

  1. this is truly beautiful
    i love how you barely see your tattoo and then it comes to life as the colors are taken away

    this is why i rarely delete images, there is almost always a way to make them work for you in a way that calls to your soul

  2. This is a perfect example of how black and white can bring an otherwise fair image completely to life. It is amazing that his tattoo is nearly completely lost in the colour image but by changing it to black and white suddenly it stands out


  3. I love the black and white one. Sometimes the reason to turn an image black and white is because of too much light, yet, in black and white… they are divine. This is one of those images.

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