Tipping the Scales


A week ago I did something I haven’t done in a very long time, I weighed myself and I really didn’t like what it said. So this week I have adjusted my eating habits , I’m thinking more carefully about my choices and hopefully over time I’ll see a more acceptable number on the scales. I already feel so much better for it after just a week but hopefully, I’ll look back at this photo and be able to see the difference.

Sinful Sunday

36 thoughts on “Tipping the Scales

  1. You have an amazing figure. I do understand that we can never see our bodies being as beautiful as other people see them. Hope your changes help you like what you see next time you step on the scales.

  2. I was thinking the same as HappyComeLucky! Don’t do it for the number on the scales, do it for how you feel as your eating habits change. And all the best.

  3. All these years I’ve “known” you on Twitter/KiK and I had no idea just what a fantastic body you had to go with that mind of yours.


  4. I think you look amazing in this image but I know what you mean about the numbers, it is for that reason I have returned to the gym this year after a 4 year break. I don’t really care about the numbers but I do care that I can’t fit in some of my clothes anymore


    • All my clothes had started to become a bit too snug, that was what forced me to jump on the scales. After just a week I can already feel the difference in how my clothes fit which makes it all worthwhile

  5. Apart from anything else, this is a fantastic use of black-and-white, and I love the way you’ve put the whole shot together. You also look amazing!

  6. The only time I get on scales is if I’m required to for a medical appt. Other than that, no thanks. I have enough trouble accepting my body without subjecting myself to the mind fuck numbers can bring.

    But I do understand though, and can definitely empathise xx

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