Flash Fiction ~ Emoticons

I tried to ignore the professors incessant french horn playing coming from the office across the hall as I pulled the next batch of petri dishes from the fridge. The first two seemed completely inactive but holding the third up to the light the growth was clear. I slid the sample under the microscope and zoomed in. This was it, this was the breakthrough I’d been waiting for. Everything was formed correctly, all were of equal size and in indentical spirals like the twists on a roller coaster. My stomach flipped at the realisation of what I was looking at, this changed everything. I ran out into the hallway and pushed open the professors door, my words continued to tumble from my mouth as I took in the scene before me. The professor turned without thinking,  stunned by my univited entrance, his lips still pressed against his horn and only the slats in the back of his office chair protecting me from having a full view of just how much he enjoyed playing his instrument.

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