I’m Smokin’

As I laid in bed yesterday morning my sleepy mind drifted to smoking fetishes (I have no idea why, perhaps they featured in a dream I had already forgotten).
There are certainly aspects to these kind of fetishes I can appreciate, whilst the idea of a human ashtray has little appeal, I can understand the attraction for some and I can’t deny the image of a beautiful woman holding a cigarette between her vamp red lips is an alluring one. It’s a look I would have tried to emulate many times when I had a cigarette in my hand but those days are gone. I like many other have joined the e-cig brigade.
Although they still get put between your lips and you still exhale a cloud of “smoke”, it isn’t the same. You can’t hold it between your fingers like a cigarette as it’s far too heavy and there just isn’t any obvious sexiness to it. But that won’t do, e-cigs (while still disliked by many) have got to be sexier. You’re reducing the toxins going into your body, you no longer smell like an ashtray and even better nor does your breath. It has to be better so here I am, no red lipstick,  no holding it seductively between two fingers but I’m bringing sexy to the e-cig party.



Oh how I wish my hair was purple!

Sinful Sunday

See who else is joining in this week.

13 thoughts on “I’m Smokin’

  1. you have brought the sexy, and you make me think of paris with this image because there was a lot of e-cig action when i was there…so of course you bring the trés cosmopolitan to this image too!

  2. yes, yes I am totally with on this. I too am an e-cig convert. It is not the same as smoking but it is definitely better for my health. I have been meaning to try and get a ‘cloud of smoke’ image with it but so far have not managed to create something I like. Yours is fabulous though


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