Ettie the Wonder Cat

Yesterday we drove out to Ashbourne to collect a bike I’d won on ebay and as we were driving back we could hear something meowing. We couldn’t work out where it was coming from, we thought it was coming from the car in front but when we looked all the windows were shut. This continued for a good couple of miles until going across a bridge and slowing down due to roadworks a little black kitten plopped out from the underneath of the car in front! Slamming on the brakes we watched it scoot across the road and pulled in as quickly as we could. As I ran back along the road I watch this little girl run back across the road again and into a little nook filled with weeds. I scooped her up and took her back to the car feeling we’d both lost a life in this heart stopping adventure. Not knowing where she’d come from we headed home with her on my lap still a little stunned (us more than her).
Getting home I popped her in my bedroom so I could let George out and let him get used to her smell before making an introduction. As George came back in and I was ready to bring her down to meet him I could hear her crying but as I approached my bedroom I could tell her cries weren’t coming from inside the room. It became clear as soon as I got in the bedroom that she wasn’t there and as I saw the window open my heart was in my mouth. She had climbed onto the chair onto the chest of drawers and jumped out the bedroom window! I flew down the stairs, out back gate and around the house to find her sat on the doorstep. Two lives down and my own life possible a little shortened she is now the newest member of our family. Ettie the wonder cat!




As you can see she’s settled in already and hopefully at some point she’ll stay still long enough for me to get some better pictures.

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