A Braver Choice

Last week I posted a picture from a series taken a couple of weeks ago, it was one of three I really liked and I wanted to share. That picture was the easiest choice as it was less revealing, a safer choice but the other two still played on my mind and I decided I’d be brave and post a more revealing one this week.


Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “A Braver Choice

  1. feels good to be brave doesnt it 😉
    taking control of your body, owning yourself and choosing who gets to see
    feeling beautiful, sexy, comfortably you

    it becomes addicting
    you don’t want to go back to that hidden life were others dictate who you are and what is considered socially acceptable… taboo…

    beautiful capture

  2. This is so fucking beautiful, I love the soft focus and tones and the way your leg leads the eye in up your body to your pussy and then on into the depth of the image. Just wow


  3. It’s so liberating to be brave and hit that publish button isn’t it!
    Beautiful image I just love how the journey along your leg draws us right into the image.

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