The Thing

For a couple of years now I have had this blog but in that time I can’t say I have posted a great deal. Not because I didn’t want to but often I seemed to struggle to find the time to fit it in between working full time and coming home to three kids who all want my attention plus a husband who I try my best not to ignore amongst all the other chaos that is family life. Despite all that I was finding time to write, not for the blog but stories that I was working on as and when I could. Progress was sometimes slow but there was progress until the Thing reared it’s ugly head.
Don’t scroll back, you haven’t missed my explanation of what the Thing is; I’m getting to it.
The Thing is an arsehole, the Thing strikes me down whenever it feels like and often with no warning. It makes my body ache and downright hurt in random places of its choosing, it makes my face burn, while my feet and hands  go white with cold and it makes my brain turn to a sleep mush.
Actually that’s not what’s worst of all, whats worst is that my doctor doesn’t know what it is. I’ve had all the usual blood tests plus a bunch of other more specific ones, I’ve had an ecg plus several examinations and the closest I can get to a diagnosis is “your symptoms are similar to someone with fibromyalgia syndrome, if you need to name it then you can call it that.”
Fun right? I refuse to stick a name on it just for the sake of it but it is incredibly frustrating trying to explain it to other people. Most look at you like your making it up, that your a hypochondriac and that’s hard when you’re in so much pain and you know if you had a name for your condition they would be a lot more sympathetic. I have done it a few times, it’s similar to fibromyalgia, is usually my description; which doesn’t always help as there’s plenty that believe fibromyalgia is hocum and that includes my doctor. So from now on it will be known as the Thing, when I disappear from here and twitter (I never really disappear, my brain just won’t let me think of words to write so I lurk and read instead) you will know the Thing is about. Feel free to still message me, it can be a bit lonely at times.

Birthday Love

Tomorrow my best friend, lover and husband turns 36. Normally for his birthday we’d both have the day off and we’d spending it together, eat great food and just enjoy each others company but due to his new job we can’t this year. The celebrations will have to wait till he gets home tomorrow night but in an attempt to still make his birthday special I’m starting early.
So Happy Birthday baby, I love you…


Sinful Sunday