Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Yeah? it really does but not in the way you may think and to explain I’m going to have to take you back to when I was about eighteen years old. When I was eighteen you would usually find me in a pair of flares and a flowery halterneck with a different colour in my hair each week and a different party to attend each weekend. I wasn’t overly promiscuous but we all have those nights that we look back and cringe at and this night was one of those. It was someone’s birthday and there was a large gathering at one of the local pubs where everyone was in high spirits. I didn’t need to be drunk to be the life and soul of the party but this night I was both. Myself and my best friend were full on from the moment we had walked through the door, we laughed, we danced, we drank and we flirted. The trouble was I was stupid enough to flirt with a guy who was best friends with the guy I fancied the pants off and who sadly wasn’t at this particular get together. The party slowly wound down and a group of us headed to someone’s house to carry on our merriment and that’s when I made the fatal error of finding a bedroom with this guy. He knew as well as I did that it wasn’t really him I wanted but we were both too drunk to really think about it, that was until he dropped his trousers. Boy did I sober up fast, it was enormous and at 18 that wasn’t something I was prepared to take on, the prospect was terrifying. In hindsight I’m glad I made my excuses and left as I doubt, especially in his inebriated state, that he knew what he was doing with it which would have only resulted in pain for me and a wasted erecting for him. You see despite what we have been told bigger isn’t always better.
I’ve learnt from talking to other women, that some men think having a big cock is all they need. Their other skills are quite often lacking and they make little effort to ensure their partner is ready to take their massive member and from men, I’ve heard the words “I was too big for her” too many times. I mean seriously? Unless your cock is bigger than a newborn babies head then no, you weren’t too big for her you just didn’t do enough ground work. I know that probably sounds a bit ranty and I know that there are plenty of men out there that do make the effort to ensure its an experience that they both enjoy but either way there is one thing I’m sure of, a big cock comes with big responsibilities.

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