I love questions, I love learning new things about people and or just a subject I’m interested in. I know sometimes I probably become across as nosy as I will often ask so many questions once something or someone catches my interest but I’m always happy to answer as many questions as I ask. I’ve been told before that I’m not very forthcoming with information about myself and I suppose that is true, not because I’m trying to keep anything secret, just because I’m not very good at blathering on about myself. However,
if I am asked a question I will always answer it as honestly as I can. In that spirit, I asked the lovely people of Twitter to throw me some questions. I got four, well five if you include the stranger that appeared in my DMs asking if I wanted to have come “fun”.

My first question was from the lovely @DomSigns who asked: What is your darkest secret?
This really did have me wracking my brains, I know that had I worked out what my darkest secret was that it would be very unlikely that I would be sharing it here but the wonderful thing about this question was the realisation that I don’t have any secrets. Keeping secrets can be such a stressful burden so I’m very pleased to say I don’t have any secrets, dark or otherwise.

Question 2 was came from @frankallenweb: Do you have a favourite porn clip or piece of erotica that you would be prepared to share?
I’m going to talk erotica first, I find it very difficult to pick a favourite piece of erotica as there are so many people creating hot and inspiring erotica and what might be my favourite today might not be next week.
As for porn clips I rarely watch any so I couldn’t pick a favourite but I can tell you the type of porn I enjoy on the rare occasion I watch any. My preference is gay porn, there is something incredibly powerful about two, or sometimes three, burly men ravishing each other that I thoroughly enjoy. Women in porn are still often depicted in a way I can’t identify with personally but the raw animalistic passion you see when muscly men are hot for each other is incredible.

@rescuemedic999 asked: Mental or physical stimulation is your biggest turn on?
These two go hand in hand for me so I have never really considered them in an either or sort of set up. If I had to chose I would have to say mental stimulating beats physical as it’s never going to get physical if my mind isn’t already imagining and wanting it.

My last question came from @dizzygizz: what do you consider wicked?
Wicked is one of those wonderful words that can be used in different contexts. To my children it means something is cool, to my mother it would have meant something cruel or evil but to me wicked means something that puts a devilish smile on my face. Something that’s clever and naughty in equal measures, a little mischievous maybe and always fun.
Thank you to those that took the time to send me questions and if any of you have others come find me and ask away.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

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