How do I Date?

I’ve made it to forty and never been on an actual date. I know that might sound crazy but I was with my husband from when I was nineteen and can’t say dating was really a thing in my teens. So now I find myself in the unusual position of trying to work out how this whole dating world works.

On Boxing day, on a whim, I signed up to POF (Plenty of Fish), there will definitely be more about that in future blog posts because it has been an experience to say the least?

Anyway, it turns out I’ve only gone and got myself a date! Which leaves me wondering how these things work nowadays? Is there an etiquette? Anything I should know beforehand?

So if you have any pointers let me know before Saturday!

5 thoughts on “How do I Date?

  1. When I go on a date I’ve usually already gotten to know them enough in conversation to warrant a date. If I’m interested (and date means I am at that point) I will come up with things I want to know about her and talk about. I will plan the date for her (unless she wants too) based on things she or both of us expressed we enjoy. I am what I call a gentleman lesbian. I will offer to meet or pick her up. I open her door, bring flowers or something small she likes (champagne wine etc), I prefer to pay but if she wants another way its her choice. I use manners and respect always. I pull out her chair, offer to take her coat, etc I listen to what they are saying not just hear it. Doubt this helps much but its my way.

  2. Oh this is one place where I wouldn’t be able to give anyone advice, as it has been ages since I have last been on a date… but, go you for having a date. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Rebel xox

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