As He Sees Me

Sometimes it takes me ages to take a picture that I like enough to post, there can be several attempts of different ideas from different angles that in my head will be great but never quite work out as I imagine.

But sometimes things go the opposite way. A simple “show me your arse” quick shot for him left me with a picture I love. Not perfectly framed, not edited to high hell just me as I am, as he sees me.

Sinful Sunday


Who knew thigh rips was a thing? Not me, but seen as I seem to be creating them a plenty at the minute I might as well share them.

Sinful Sunday

No Change

Lockdown has of course featured heavily in everyone’s thoughts and tweets since this all began and while a lot of people have struggled with it, overall I have been doing OK.

I’m at home with my kids and I know that helps, I may find this experience very different if I had been at home on my own for the past six weeks but now that there is the possibility of some restrictions being lifted in the upcoming weeks I feel a little sad.

Sad because of the realisation that nothing will really change for me when we are allowed to go back out. I see so many people on twitter who are apart from their significant other and can’t wait to be able to get to them, to hold them, kiss then, fuck them. I can only imagine how hard it has been to be apart for so long but at least there are those plans to be made. Plans to make up for lost time, plans to race to each other the moment its allowed and while I’ll be cheering on these wonderful reunions, I know I will also be feeling blue because there is no one waiting to rush to me. No one to make plans with, no lost time to make up for.

Working from Home

She looked up from her screen as she heard him huff, in the last five weeks she had got familiar with his work noises, the large exhales of breath at the incompetency of some of his colleagues, the hammering of his fingers on his keyboard as he fired off yet another email. It had been the highlight of the lockdown for her, she loved watching him work, the concentration on his face when something important was happening. Listening to him speak so confidently and with such knowledge during his zoom meetings was a bigger turn on that she had ever imagined.

She pushed her chair back, “coffee love?”

He pulled glasses off and set them on his keyboard, rubbing at his eyes. “please”.

She knew he wasn’t doing it on purpose but he was making it harder and harder to not just jump across kitchen table.

Putting his coffee down beside his laptop she ran her fingers across the back of his neck and into his hair, his head titled pushing against her hand. She leant and kissed along his neck, his shoulders relaxing as she ran her soft lips up to his ear. A notification popped up on his screen and he groaned.

“I have a call about to start baby”

She went back to her side of the table and tried to focus on her own work, between emails she would listen in to him talking so eloquently, fuck he was hot.

She heard him finishing up his call and she couldn’t wait any longer, she pushed her chair back and slipped onto her knees. Lowering her head she crawled under the table until she was between his legs. Her hands trailed up his shins and along his thighs as she heard the click of him closing his laptop and went straight for his fly. He shifted in the chair as she undid his jeans, lifting himself enough for her slide them out the way. He was already hardening and she eagerly took him in, loving the feeling of him growing and stiffing in her mouth.

She loved sucking his cock, the moans she elicited as her tongue lapped at the underside, the pride she felt when she took his whole cock in her mouth, wriggling slowly down on that last little bit. She liked to hold it there for a few seconds before she started really working his length, just as she could sense he was about to start thrusting she drew her head back.

Her hand instinctively joined in, stroking his cock into her mouth as her tongue swirled around his head encouraging and savouring the first drops of precum. Moving her lips along the ridge of his head she really got to work on his cock, her hand moving up and down in time with her increasingly rapid head bobs. She listened to his moans and his breathing as they built and then at the right moment lowered her mouth down on his full length again, feeling his tip hit the back of her throat and holding herself there.

She knew that while he loved the sensation the change in rhythm at this point would be enough to make him react, he let go of the table and grabbed at her head, his hands wrapping in her hair he trust upwards. She gagged at the force against her throat but didn’t resist as he began fucking her mouth. She could feel the wetness pooling between her legs at his rough and desperate use of her mouth, it was what she had been craving all morning, she didn’t want it to end but she knew he was ready to explode and with one final groan he pushed her head down and shot his load into her throat.


I let my head hang and scrunched my eyes closed tight, if I couldn’t see them then maybe I could forget they were there. I would pretend their voices were in my head, part of an elaborate fantasy, rather than a few feet behind me.

His hand struck firmly against my ass and the satisying murmurs echoed around me; I felt my insides begin to squirm. It wasn’t a fantasy, they were there, watching me.

I needed to focus and as his hand came down a second time I knew what to do, count.

As if he had heard my thoughts he gave me three and four, one on each cheek.

By five and six, he’d found his rhythm.

Seven and eight, a little harder.

Nine and ten, the warmth was starting.

Eleven and twelve, I knew I’d be colouring nicely.

Thirteen and fourteen, the sting was little distraction.

Fifteen and sixteen, they’d all be able to see.

Seventeen and eighteen, they’d have watched that gentle pink.

Nineteen and twenty, darken several shades.

He paused, his hand sliding gently over his handwork. He took his arm from across my back and spread me with both hands. The voices weren’t quiet anymore, I couldn’t pretend they were in my head.

“She seems to be enjoying this” the woman’s voice broke through the chatter. “May I?”

There was no audible response but from the increased weight of his elbow against me and a little dig of his fingertips, I knew. Her finger brushed against my lips and a breath I didn’t know I was holding escaped all at once. She dipped her finger just slightly and pulled the wetness down to my clit, circling it, teasing. I wanted to fight against it but my hips couldn’t resist a gentle sway.

“She seems to enjoy this too” I could hear the smirk in her voice. “Let’s see how much more she enjoys it after ten more.”

Masturbation Monday