No Change

Lockdown has of course featured heavily in everyone’s thoughts and tweets since this all began and while a lot of people have struggled with it, overall I have been doing OK.

I’m at home with my kids and I know that helps, I may find this experience very different if I had been at home on my own for the past six weeks but now that there is the possibility of some restrictions being lifted in the upcoming weeks I feel a little sad.

Sad because of the realisation that nothing will really change for me when we are allowed to go back out. I see so many people on twitter who are apart from their significant other and can’t wait to be able to get to them, to hold them, kiss then, fuck them. I can only imagine how hard it has been to be apart for so long but at least there are those plans to be made. Plans to make up for lost time, plans to race to each other the moment its allowed and while I’ll be cheering on these wonderful reunions, I know I will also be feeling blue because there is no one waiting to rush to me. No one to make plans with, no lost time to make up for.

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