As He Sees Me

Sometimes it takes me ages to take a picture that I like enough to post, there can be several attempts of different ideas from different angles that in my head will be great but never quite work out as I imagine.

But sometimes things go the opposite way. A simple “show me your arse” quick shot for him left me with a picture I love. Not perfectly framed, not edited to high hell just me as I am, as he sees me.

Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “As He Sees Me

  1. Love the sentiment of this. We don’t always need a fancy edit or fancy framing or pose. As it is is also sexy as hell and I’m sure presenting it to him brings along those wonderful submissive feelings

  2. Sometimes it is when we least pose and try to be perfect, that we look the most amazing. And you look fabulous!

  3. Mesmerising….there is a beauty in a bottom that can captivate. A beauty that can behold the mind of the viewer and bewitch his soul. Oui, oui Ouizzi. Deliciously delightful derriere.

  4. It really is obnoxious how many pictures need to be taken to get the feel you’re looking for
    I save all of mine just in case I can use one later when I’m a different mood for different feelings
    Especially if I try doing something creative

    This is lovely

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