Editing Control

I loved the idea of this months prompt, to have someone else edit one of my pictures and had a pretty good idea who I was going to ask to edit my picture for me.

The tricky bit was picking a picture to send them. There was a picture I had in mind, one I had been holding onto for a while, one I knew I wanted to use for Sinful Sunday but was also nervous about posting.

I knew I could trust @frankallenweb to edit anything I sent him, he has a soft spot for a good black and white like I do and I knew he would be mindful of my body hangups. So I bit the bullet and sent him the picture I had been deliberating over.

I was really interested to see what he would do with it and so here it is…

I had already done my edit before I saw his and I can’t decide which I prefer, what do you think?

Sinful Sunday

13 thoughts on “Editing Control

  1. Both beautiful! The contrasts in the top photo are stunning, and the softness in the other are delightful – so hard to choose. I think the framing of the top pic tips the balance slightly towards preference for me.

  2. I love the shadow between your legs in his edit – the cleft of your lips looks amazing.

    But you know I love the original too – one of my favourite pictures of you. Two fantastic images.

  3. Your edit just about wins for me. The contrast in his really accentuates your lips, but it hides the best bits. Both are lovely though

  4. Ohhhh I am struggling to pick between them to be honest but I think I like your guests edit the best, I like the deeper shadows


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