I’ve been off the radar for a bit but my new pendant had me snapping pictures and playing with edits and I just really like this one. There was of course only one place that it made sense to share it, Sinful Sunday.

Sinful Sunday

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On Yer Bike

This week I bought a bike. Having not ridden for over twenty years this is a big deal for me and I’m hoping it’ll help me make some changes in my fitness levels. Yesterday I had a lovely day out with the family and rode four miles. Hopefully this will the first of many miles once my poor bottom recovers, it doesn’t look it but it is feeling very bruised today.

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It Doesn’t Matter

Firstly, as this is my very late, sort of round up from my time at Eroticon Live 2016, I should point out the title is not in reference to the conference. It absolutely does matter, it’s an amazing event and although I know it’s facing some changes I pretty sure it will continue to benefit future delegates in whatever new form it takes.
Now, I could fill this post with telling you about the amazing people I met while in Bristol but let’s face it I wouldn’t be telling you anything you don’t already know, plus I’d be bound to leave someone out and then feel awful so I’m not going to even try but what I will say is how nice everyone was and I do mean everyone. There were plenty of people I had previously spoken to on twitter but there were lots that I didn’t know before who were as equally welcoming which was such a relief because I have to admit on the Friday morning, I had a bit of a wobble.
Having never been to Eroticon before I had been incredibly excited that I was finally going and then on Friday morning doubt kicked in. Knowing some of the amazingly talented people I was about to spend the weekend with I felt like a fraud, I post things to my blog sporadically, often going months with out managing to post anything and when I do, its usually nowhere near the quality of my fellow bloggers. Thankfully , I pulled myself together and headed for the train because besides learning something in every session I attended over the weekend I learnt a valuable lesson. Even the bloggers you admire have doubts about their ability. Just like you, they don’t think they’re as good at certain things as their fellow bloggers and writers, they too still have things to learn and that’s the whole point. We can all learn something from the experiences of others, it may change our process in subtle ways or it may cause a big glaring light bulb to go on in a part of our brain we didn’t know was so dimly lit but either way we all come away with something.
So when Eroticon comes around again, in whatever new form it takes, I’ll be there. And this time the morning I head off won’t include a wobble because I, like everyone else am there to learn and my level of experience doesn’t matter.

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I didn’t take many photos last weekend but these mirrors were too good to miss out on.


Sinful Sunday

Ignore Me

Ignore me
Pretend you didn’t catch me looking
Forget the spark that shot between us
I know you felt it too but it’s ok
Bury it in that dark corner
Where memories go to die
If we lock it away our feelings will fade
Won’t they?

My secrets vault is broken
You slip through the cracks into my now
Weaving yourself amongst my thoughts
Like you’ve always been there
Your ease, your power, your lips
They appear without prompts
Taking me back to that day by the sea
The day you pretended to ignore me

A Finger of Intent

Last night with his fingers buried in my cunt he pressed a finger against my arse hole, he didn’t push inside but maintained enough pressure to imply he would at any moment and it was hot, really fucking hot. I know it probably doesn’t sound like much, it doesn’t seem like much of a revelation but for me it was.
For a long time I was anti anal, not that I thought there was anything wrong with it, just it wasn’t for me. Then one day on holiday many moons ago we tried it almost by accident. Not like the surprise anal we’ve heard a lot about recently, it was a genuine slip that found his cock pressed against my arse and he immediately pulled away for me but dizzy in holiday spirit, I encourage him to try it. He seemed to enjoy it but for me it was unspectacular and when it was done I had no urge to do it again.
Our sex life continued as normal, it didn’t feel like it was lacking anything by my arse being off the table, there were plenty of other things we both enjoyed a lot but then a while a go anal returned to my peripheral. It started as one of those fantasies you intend to keep as just a fantasy, the idea of having all my holes filled is hot and when I told him about it he matched my enthusiasm for the idea but knowing in reality my arse was off limits we satisfied ourselves with my cunt and my mouth being filled and almost forgot there was anywhere else to fill but as is often the case with things you try and ignore it began to creep in again. I began to crave more and after years of making my arse a no go area I felt a sense of embarrassment that my body was now craving something I had been against for so long.
In an attempt to hush this new uncomfortable need I tried a butt plug, my first attempt had little effect and certainly no positive ones, I thought maybe it was because I had tried it on my own, no added stimulus of his cock, no true feeling or fullness so pledged to try it again. The second time was worse, it started out much better than my first try but then my body seemed to decide to play against me, the plug felt alien and I felt drained. The disappointment was huge, my mind had yearned for a sensation my body seemed determined to reject.
In that moment it would have been the simplest thing to put my arse back in the no box and lock the lid but I knew it wouldn’t work forever. That same need would still be there and would creep forward from the corners of my mind no matter how much I tried to ignore it and so I won’t. I’m not ready to rush back to those feeling of my body rejecting my desire but I can’t pretend it isn’t there either.
For now his finger pressed against my hole is enough, a symbol of his intention to one day take all of me and I know one day he will, without any resistance from my stupid messed up body and it will be sexy as hell.