Big Pants

I can’t be doing with shoestring underwear, I’m a big Pants kind of girl.

Sinful Sunday

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A New Favourite

Way back in 2012 I shared this picture of my favourite dildo for Sinful Sunday. I fell out of love with that toy a long while ago now but it wasn’t until this year that I found a new favourite. At Eroticon I got to meet the wonderful folks from Godemiche and after seeing their beautiful creations I just had to have one so a couple of weeks after getting back from Bristol they made me this thing of beauty…

Which is of course my new favourite.

Sinful Sunday

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The Original

I tried several edits of this photo and didn’t really like any of them. At first I couldn’t work out what it was but eventually I realised it was my stretch marks. Every single edit hid the raggedy lines that make up my stomach and surprisingly I didn’t like that; so in a very unlike me fashion here is something I rarely post, a completely unedited original.

Sinful Sunday

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