It’s been a funny old week, I think I have managed to ball every possible emotion into the last few days but I’m ending the week with a smile on my face and feeling lucky.

Lucky to have some special people in my life, lucky to be loved by some and liked by others and even luckier to have some that send me beautiful gifts like this.

Sinful Sunday

I’ve Been Rubbish

I’ve been a really rubbish Sinful Sunday contributor of late. I’d lost my mojo with a lot of stuff but had tried to stick to at least posting every Sunday until last Sunday when I didn’t even manage that. Worse still I had stopped commenting or even looking at other people’s posts, I had retracted into my own little bubble feeling unsure of myself, feeling no value in anything I had to say, that I just kind of gave up.

Insecurity can be a real bitch but I’ve given myself a talking to and we’re starting a fresh from here and to mark it I’m doing something I rarely do and posting an unedited picture.

I could list a series of imperfections I see when I look at this picture but we’re all flawed right? We can all list things we don’t like about ourselves but we’re also all beautiful in our own way, in our flaws, in being completely ourselves.

Now I’m off to look and comment on all the amazing Sinful Sunday photos I’ve been missing out on, you can find them all by kissing the lips.

Sinful Sunday


I took this picture a while ago and although I love it, I could never find the right words.

I still don’t have them but I don’t care, because today is all about self-love. I’m awesome, who wouldn’t want me sat looking at them like this? Fools!

Sinful Sunday