A Different Kind of Nightmare

I jolted awake, my mind confused and wandering in the darkness. I wasn’t sure what had woken me and then I heard it, heard her. The nightmares had been frequent at the start but Hope hadn’t mentioned them for a good five years. I had left my bedroom door open tonight just in case and now I knew it was just as well I had. Throwing back the covers I headed for the door and padded across the landing.

“It’s OK Hope, it’s just a dream, I’m here Hope.” I tried to keep my voice level and calm but my just awake croakiness crackled through it. I got to the edge of the bed, the light from the landing flooding in through the open door. Something seemed different compared to the old ones and as I leant over to stroke her hair I noticed she wasn’t thrashing about like she used to. I continued to stroke her hair and talk softly as I sat beside her. Her body turned towards me and as the light caught her face I noticed she didn’t look upset at all. Her hand appeared from beneath the covers and as more moans escaped her lips it slid its way along my thigh.

The drowsy fog of interrupted sleep lifted immediately, Hope wasn’t having a nightmare at all, she was having a dirty dream. I jumped up from the bed and backed towards the door feeling confused and aroused. I had thought seeing David would have triggered old feelings and the strange mood she’d been in when we left the club seemed to confirm that but I hadn’t expected this. I was relieved she wasn’t having a nightmare but if this dream was also the effect of seeing him, if she was having an erotic dream about David that could be just as bad.

As I stood in the doorway thinking over the implications of what I was seeing I couldn’t help but be aware of the effect this scene was having on me. As much as I tried to ignore it, it just wouldn’t go away. A louder groan came from Hope and my cock jumped like it was trying to break free of my boxers. My hand holding myself I moved back towards my bedroom but I couldn’t bring myself to close the door. As Hope continued to groan from her bed, I leant against my bedroom wall, my ear almost against the doorframe and freed my cock. A moan of my own escaped as my hand wrapped around my shaft. Closing my eyes I focussed on the noise coming from the next room, interspersed with her moans were the gentle sounds of her body’s movements. Her whole body writhing between the mattress and the blanket as her mind took her through this carnal dream, the details of which I would never know. My hand pumped faster as I added my own fantasy to Hope’s growing soundtrack. I could hear her breaths now, her breasts rising and falling more rapidly as she crept closer to the edge. I cupped my balls with my other hand as I slid my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock, now glistening with precum. Her moans were growing, my hand moved in time and as I heard her take a big breath my rhythm increased again. She seemed silent for ages, was it all over? I couldn’t stop now even if she had, I was too close to stop now. That long breath finally left her in a deep guttural moan that sent me reeling, I bucked forward as my cum exploded onto the bedroom floor.

Crawling across the floor I climbed back into bed and dragged the covers over my head, trying to block out the night that had lead to this point. I had questions that I would probably never get the answers too but they all continued to swim around my head as I drifted off to sleep.