He knew exactly what he was doing when he left his instructions, he knew the effect it would have when I read “today you will wear the long skirt I have left out for you, you may choose any top you wish but you must wear no underwear”

It was windy outside and the possibility of my skirt been blown up was very high. Surprisingly the idea excited me and I could feel a wetness beginning already. I would need to get myself under control a visible wet patch on my skirt would be a tricky one to explain at work.

I’d only just arrived at work when his next instruction arrived by text “while sat at your desk take a picture from under your skirt, I want proof you are doing as I have asked” The office was busy and people were rushing through as I popped my phone beneath my desk and under my skirt, there was every chance someone noticed what I was doing.

Photo taken and sent, I tried to focus on work and ignore the craving to put my fingers to my growing wetness, would anyone notice if I slipped to the toilets for a few minutes?

My phone beeped again and my stomached flipped as I read his message. “You must not touch yourself, I know you’ll be wanting to by now but you must wait” How had he know what I was thinking, how had he learnt to read me so well?

He left me then to wait, hours past and I heard nothing. I knew trying to contact him would be pointless, I must wait. The anticipation of what may be next was only heightening my desire for more.

It was nearly home time before my phone beeped again “take your phone and go to the toilets, once there you may touch yourself but only for a second. Just long enough for you to cover your fingers in your juices. Take a picture of your wet fingers, send it to me then return to your desk”

Once my fingers were there it took all my strength not to continue but I knew I was too far down today’s path to spoil it now. Picture sent I returned to my desk as instructed and watched every minute of the last hour at work drag by.

Finally home time arrived and I raced home knowing he would be there waiting for me. I charged through the door and found him standing expectantly. He moved towards me and taking my arm lead me to a chair. He placed my hands atop the back of the chair walked behind me and raised my skirt.

A cry escaped me as his fingers brushed my desperate clit and dipped inside the well of desire I had been nurturing all day. He was obviously impressed that his plan for today had worked so well and I heard his zip come down rapidly.

With his first thrust inside me I knew I would be coming with within moments. The build up of today made that inevitable and my hands began to grip tighter to the chair as the ripples of my pleasure increased as he forced himself deeper inside me. I couldn’t wait any longer I needed the release and I knew he was close to his own too. The wait was finally over and his grip on my hips increased as he reached his climax just as I reached my own shuddering orgasm.

A while later when we had both recovered, I noticed a message on my phone “a shorter skirt tomorrow!”