Button Fly

He loves to tease me

He knows how much I want it

How much I want him

The outline of his cock pressing against his jeans

He strokes it, inches from my face

Watching me he releases the first of his button fly

I fidget, impatient

He stops, giving me that look

I drop my eyes back to his fly

He takes his time

Another button undone

My thighs clench together

Another button released

Just one left

I can almost taste him already

His fingers toy with the last button

“You want it?”

I meet his eyes

Nodding, pleading

He twists the button

Loosens his jeans from his hips

His cock springs free


He stops me in my tracks

My tongue slips back behind my lips

He wraps a hand around his cock

The other grabs a handful of my hair

Holding my head still

He trails the tip across my lips

Making me whimper

His fingers loosen in my hair

“Take it”

Working from Home

She looked up from her screen as she heard him huff, in the last five weeks she had got familiar with his work noises, the large exhales of breath at the incompetency of some of his colleagues, the hammering of his fingers on his keyboard as he fired off yet another email. It had been the highlight of the lockdown for her, she loved watching him work, the concentration on his face when something important was happening. Listening to him speak so confidently and with such knowledge during his zoom meetings was a bigger turn on that she had ever imagined.

She pushed her chair back, “coffee love?”

He pulled glasses off and set them on his keyboard, rubbing at his eyes. “please”.

She knew he wasn’t doing it on purpose but he was making it harder and harder to not just jump across kitchen table.

Putting his coffee down beside his laptop she ran her fingers across the back of his neck and into his hair, his head titled pushing against her hand. She leant and kissed along his neck, his shoulders relaxing as she ran her soft lips up to his ear. A notification popped up on his screen and he groaned.

“I have a call about to start baby”

She went back to her side of the table and tried to focus on her own work, between emails she would listen in to him talking so eloquently, fuck he was hot.

She heard him finishing up his call and she couldn’t wait any longer, she pushed her chair back and slipped onto her knees. Lowering her head she crawled under the table until she was between his legs. Her hands trailed up his shins and along his thighs as she heard the click of him closing his laptop and went straight for his fly. He shifted in the chair as she undid his jeans, lifting himself enough for her slide them out the way. He was already hardening and she eagerly took him in, loving the feeling of him growing and stiffing in her mouth.

She loved sucking his cock, the moans she elicited as her tongue lapped at the underside, the pride she felt when she took his whole cock in her mouth, wriggling slowly down on that last little bit. She liked to hold it there for a few seconds before she started really working his length, just as she could sense he was about to start thrusting she drew her head back.

Her hand instinctively joined in, stroking his cock into her mouth as her tongue swirled around his head encouraging and savouring the first drops of precum. Moving her lips along the ridge of his head she really got to work on his cock, her hand moving up and down in time with her increasingly rapid head bobs. She listened to his moans and his breathing as they built and then at the right moment lowered her mouth down on his full length again, feeling his tip hit the back of her throat and holding herself there.

She knew that while he loved the sensation the change in rhythm at this point would be enough to make him react, he let go of the table and grabbed at her head, his hands wrapping in her hair he trust upwards. She gagged at the force against her throat but didn’t resist as he began fucking her mouth. She could feel the wetness pooling between her legs at his rough and desperate use of her mouth, it was what she had been craving all morning, she didn’t want it to end but she knew he was ready to explode and with one final groan he pushed her head down and shot his load into her throat.


I let my head hang and scrunched my eyes closed tight, if I couldn’t see them then maybe I could forget they were there. I would pretend their voices were in my head, part of an elaborate fantasy, rather than a few feet behind me.

His hand struck firmly against my ass and the satisying murmurs echoed around me; I felt my insides begin to squirm. It wasn’t a fantasy, they were there, watching me.

I needed to focus and as his hand came down a second time I knew what to do, count.

As if he had heard my thoughts he gave me three and four, one on each cheek.

By five and six, he’d found his rhythm.

Seven and eight, a little harder.

Nine and ten, the warmth was starting.

Eleven and twelve, I knew I’d be colouring nicely.

Thirteen and fourteen, the sting was little distraction.

Fifteen and sixteen, they’d all be able to see.

Seventeen and eighteen, they’d have watched that gentle pink.

Nineteen and twenty, darken several shades.

He paused, his hand sliding gently over his handwork. He took his arm from across my back and spread me with both hands. The voices weren’t quiet anymore, I couldn’t pretend they were in my head.

“She seems to be enjoying this” the woman’s voice broke through the chatter. “May I?”

There was no audible response but from the increased weight of his elbow against me and a little dig of his fingertips, I knew. Her finger brushed against my lips and a breath I didn’t know I was holding escaped all at once. She dipped her finger just slightly and pulled the wetness down to my clit, circling it, teasing. I wanted to fight against it but my hips couldn’t resist a gentle sway.

“She seems to enjoy this too” I could hear the smirk in her voice. “Let’s see how much more she enjoys it after ten more.”

Masturbation Monday

Tell Me Something

My phone vibrates on my desk and that familiar little icon flashes across the screen.

Him: Before I start the 4 hour drive, tell me something dirty.

Me: Tonight, I’ll be laying in bed, listening to your voice clip and touching myself.

I take myself to bed early, keen to be alone with just him in my ear. I put my headphones in, turn the volume up as far as it will go and hit play.
That familiar voice in my ear makes me smile as my hand slides between my legs. His voice all around me making it almost seem as if he is right there with me, whispering in my ear. I love the noises he makes as he strokes his cock and thinks of me, knowing he’s imagining me there with him. I listen intently as he talks about me straddling him, him sliding his cock into me, thrusting up as he digs his fingers into my hips, pulling me to him.

My fingers rub faster against my clit with his increasing breaths as they build and hitch with each stroke. His groans rattle in my brain, the want in him so apparent as he thinks of filling me with his cock. I hear a grunt catch in his throat as he gets closer to the edge.

The familiar feeling of heat rising from my toes begins as my orgasm creeps close, another grunt and the whispering of my name is enough to unravel me. My hips buck and my body trembles as I hear a stretched “fuck” in my ear and know he too has reached the point of no return and I listen intently, thinking about the hot streaks of cum he is covering himself in and know he is cumming for me.

Masturbation Monday

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The Birthday Present~Guest Post

Today I received an email from a friend. He had decided to try his hand at writing some erotica and I was lucky enough to be the first person to read his first piece of work. I was completely blown away by it and knew it would be an absolute travesty if no one else got to read it. Thankfully he agreed that I could share it with you all. So here it is, please read it and leave him a comment if you too think that for a first story it’s pretty impressive. ~Ouizzi

Diane woke to find she had the bed to herself; she could hear the bath running and sounds from the kitchen. It was her birthday and Anton obviously had something special planned so she closed her eyes and tried to think of what it might be. After a few minutes Anton came into the room, kissed her gently on the lips,

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart” he said whilst taking her by the hand and leading her to the bathroom. The bathroom was lit by scented candles and the aromatic perfumes filled her senses. She stepped into the bath and settled down. This was a good start to the day; she thought.

“You relax, I‘ll be back soon” he said leaning over and softly caressing her neck with his lips.

As she soaked in the bath she sensed that today was going to be very special indeed.


A while later he returned, helped her to stand, wrapped her in a big towel and led her to the bedroom where a table was set up. Smoked salmon on scrambled egg, her favourite and a glass of Champagne. She dried herself and they sat down to eat.

“I could get used to this” she said smiling across to him.

“This is your day sweetheart, but I am in charge of it. All you have to do; is everything I tell you” Diane was taken aback by this and looked him in the eye. There was a steely determination in them which she rarely saw, she liked it!

“Yes Master!” she said, smiling but not mockingly. They had experimented with Dom/sub role play before but not for a while. Diane felt the excitement grow.

After Breakfast Anton Said “while I clear the pots away you get yourself ready, Hair tied up please.” She did as instructed and tied her hair in a long plait circled into a bun, when he came back into the room he carried a leather body harness which he fitted to her without saying a word. The Straps were tightened at the waist, thighs and collar. He then produced a plain black silk dress which he put over her covering the harness. He then produced a pair of her plain black flat shoes; this surprised her as she was expecting him to want her in high heels which he liked her in so much.

“Time to go” he said and led her by the hand down stairs and out to the car. Diane was now feeling nervous and confused. Their role playing in the past had always taken place in the safety of their own home.

“Where are we going babe?” she asked.

“Trust me” he said “and address me as Master from now on until I say otherwise” His voice was gentle but uncompromising. They drove for about 45 minutes into the countryside before turning into a gated tree lined lane. About a mile into the woods they pulled into a layby and got out.

Anton got a sports bag out of the boot and locked the car. “This way” he said and took her by the arm and guided her down a narrow path, after a short walk they came upon a thick gorse hedge with a solid wooden door in it, Anton took out a key and unlocked the door, locking it behind him they went through a two meter tunnel of gorse and emerged into a circular area about 10 meters across. The hedge around was about three meters high. The afternoon sun beating down, it seemed an idyllic place for a private picnic. As Diane took in the scene she saw that dotted around the circle was several wooden structures.

Anton led her to a post. He positioned her with her back to the post. “Do you trust me Diane?”

“Yes Master, totally!” she said.

“Then take off your dress and shoes” he commanded. As she did so he opened the sports bag and produced leather wrist cuffs which he put on her, attached to a length of rope and reached up passing it through a ring on the post above her head. Pulling on the rope Diane’s hands were pulled up and the rope was tied off leaving her helpless and exposed, naked except for the body harness. Anton put cuffs on her ankles then stood and ran his hands over her body lingering over her breasts and inner thighs, tracing every contour with his fingers. Diane writhed with nervous excitement at his touch. Anton went back into his bag and took out a black latex hood. He moved close to Diane and kissed her gently on the lips. Diane’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the hood and Anton spoke softly, “Last chance, do you want me to go on?”   Diane’s mind was whirring, fear, excitement and pure sexual exhilaration all making her head swim.

“Yes Please Master” she said breathlessly. Anton took the hood and stretched it over her head and zipped it down the back. A collar fastened snuggly round the neck. All was dark for Diane now as there were no eyeholes, just two small holes at the nostrils and a larger one for the mouth. Anton then put a ring gag into her mouth and fastened the straps at the back of her head forcing her mouth open and preventing speech. He caressed her body all over squeezing and massaging her breasts and sliding his fingers in and out of her now juicy pussy. Diane writhed and bucked in pleasure but as she came close to climaxing he stopped, raised his head to her ear and said, “Happy Birthday, I’ll see you later” and he walked away.

What!! Diane’s head was swimming, what the fuck just happened??? When all these thoughts subsided she struggled to control the noise of her breathing and strained to listen. She heard a key turn in the lock of the gate and then nothing. She struggled against her bonds but soon realised they were solid and she was going nowhere. She could feel the warm sun on her body and hear the sound of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. The sound of birdsong and insects becoming louder and louder, she could feel flies landing on her naked breasts and body. She waited for what seemed like ages with every new sound and feeling being amplified a hundred fold in her helpless isolation. She trusted him implicitly and knew he wouldn’t let any harm come to her but still her head swam with fear and apprehension.

After what seemed like an age she heard the metallic click of key in lock again and a feeling of relief flooded into her whole body. She strained to listen but the soft grass muffled any sound of footsteps. Suddenly she felt the sting of a slap to her behind which made her scream. She then felt a hand upon her inner thigh which made her buck and twist. There was something different?  The hands were gloved in what felt like soft leather. He’s trying to trick me, she thought, trying to make me think it may be someone else. She relaxed a little and when she felt her hands being released from above her she complied with the guidance of the gloved hands.

She was walked forwards over the soft warm grass a few yards and was stood with legs astride what she assumed was the sawhorse like structure she had spotted on entering the gorse enclosure. Her ankles were attached at the bottom and she felt herself being bent forwards over the sawhorse, her front making contact with the hot sun-baked wood. Her hands were pulled down either side of the front legs and attached leaving her straddled across the structure with her backside in the air and her bum and pussy available for whatever Anton wanted to do with them. Her head was also in such a position where her chin was raised with her mouth open to what came next.

She felt the gloved hands spanking her and her arse cheeks getting hotter and hotter with every blow. She pushed her backside out to meet each blow; she had always liked being spanked. Then came the shock! She felt fingers probing her anus and wet pussy throwing her into a frenzy and she started to cry out in pleasure when she felt her head taken hold of and a hard penis thrust into her mouth.

Oh god there’s two of them. Anton had always argued against her ideas of a threesome so the thought never entered her head. Her mind was reeling and as she tried to make sense of what was now happening to her she felt the thrust of a hot throbbing cock in her quivering hot pussy and another in her mouth. Sparks were flying round her head as she was worked into a frenzy. A massive orgasm came upon her like a tidal wave, every muscle in her body thrown into spasm but with her tied down so securely the wave had nowhere to go but back to her pussy. Her head almost exploded in a flash of lightning and she passed into an almost comatose state of euphoria. She remained in this state as she was released and slowly came to her senses to find herself lying on a blanket being held in the firm loving embrace of Anton’s arms.  This was a birthday she wouldn’t forget for a long time.




I stood there in my short skirt, vest and heels and waited for my inspection to begin. He rose from the chair in front of me scanning my frame. I could still feel his eyes burning into my skin as me moved behind me to check the view from behind. Accustomed to how this works now I leant forward as his hand began to press at my back, my hands found the chair as I steadied myself as his inspection continued. My nails gripped slowly into the soft velour of the chair as his hand slid between my legs, he flicked his finger over my clit and plunged a finger into my already wet pussy. My knees wobbled before I could control myself, as I heard a satisfied sigh rise from him. He had been teasing me and building me up for this evening all week and now he could see it had worked, the anticipation of tonight’s events had my body in a frenzy. My synapses were firing like never before and we had let to leave the house.

His inspection complete, he helped me return to my standing position and lead me to the front door. Opening the car door for me he watched me try to seat myself with some dignity, I watched the smirk spread across my face as my cheeks flushed. I knew I was exposing myself doing this simplest of things, my skirt was too short to hide anything. He took his seat next to me and reversed out of the driveway into the darkness.

As we headed away from the city, there were less headlights blazing towards us, streetlights disappeared behind us and I knew we were reaching closer to our destination. Suddenly there were headlights ahead of us crossing our path as they turned into an invisible opening in the trees; I felt our car slow as we approached the same turning. I couldn’t hide the deep breath I took as nerves began to get the better of me, his hand slid across in the darkness to find mine. He gave it a tender squeeze, a reminder he was with me, that I was safe.

We had turned onto a narrow single track lane and as we reached the end the car lights hit three cars hiding in the darkness. He pulled round and parked the car facing opposite the three cars that were already there. He turned the engine off and hit the lights. I grabbed for his hand, the nerves getting the better of me as I waited for light to shine from opposite us. It was only a few seconds but it felt much longer as I listened to my pulse thumping through my head.

Then they were there, the lights I knew would come. They blazed in on us and with a final gentle squeeze of my hand I knew it was time to venture out on my own. I lifted myself from the car and presented myself to the front. The lights were blinding and I knew that although I couldn’t see anything, there were now fours sets of eyes upon me. I followed the instructions I had been given earlier and positioned myself against the bonnet of the car, raised what there was of my skirt and began to rub my swollen pussy.

It didn’t take long for me to relax into it; I closed my eyes to shut out the glaring light and lay back against the bonnet. My fingers slid away from wet hole to give my clit the attention it was craving, the break in my moans, was the first time I was reminded there were others there, when I heard the scrape of a foot against gravel. I rubbed hard at my clit; I could feel the heat rising from my toes as my orgasm built. Within seconds it was exploding from me, my back arched away from the hard surface of the car as I lost myself in its wave.

My breath calming, I turned my body away from my onlookers. My chest pressed firmly against the car I opened my eyes to meet his. He was still in the car; I saw his body tense slightly as I felt a pair of hands on my hips and my skirt being pushed up to expose my rear more clearly. Our eyes stayed locked as I felt a cock pressing at my opening and as I felt it being plunged into my depths. Holding onto my hips a rhythm was quickly increasing, consumed by the pleasure I took my gaze from him. I knew his gaze wouldn’t have strayed from me as I continued to be filled by this stranger behind me. I knew my moans would be filling his ears as the pleasure began to overwhelm me. Before I had the opportunity to embrace my own climax though, I felt the cock inside me twitch and with one final thrust he was spent and withdrew.

A quick glance towards the windscreen I could make out a smirk on his face. He knew how close I had been and was taking pleasure that I had been denied release. I was filled with rage at my misfortune and as I felt the next cock present itself at my hole I opened to it. I tilted my hips and pushed back while still meeting his eyes, this time with my own smile in place. I continued to push back against this new cock inside me, desperate to steal my own pleasure before this one too became spent. I saw his hand grasp at the steering wheel his jealously building at the obvious eagerness and enjoyment from me.

How frustrating it was to realise my enthusiasm for this new cock had not worked in my favour, again I felt the repeated twitch and withdrawal this time before I had really made any real reach for my own orgasm. I knew I had only one more chance to achieve this as again my lips were parted. This cock was bigger, much bigger and as I raised my head to see him sat behind the steering wheel I knew that he had planned this. My eyes never left his as my pussy stretched to take this new member between my swollen lips. I didn’t thrust back against it this time, the only movement from my body came from the force behind me. I lost myself to his voice in my head, his talk of when this day would arrive. I knew now he had meant every word as I felt the release I had been craving build within me. He watched me intently as my orgasm rolled over me and left me a spent, breathless mess upon the bonnet. The throbbing cock removed itself from my stretched hole and I felt the warm spatter of cum spread across my cheeks.

Still I didn’t move, I heard the shuffling of feet against gravel moving away from me, the opening of car doors and then there was darkness. I lifted my body from the car, my limbs trembling I carried myself back to my seat in the car. No sooner had my door shut than we were speeding away. The roads were empty and we were back in our driveway in what seemed like seconds. He turned off the car and came round to open my door. He took my hand and led me into the house, back to where my inspection had taken place at the beginning of the night. He bent me forward as he had earlier and examined my pussy again. I knew it would be showing signs of the fucking it had received and I knew it would still be wet. His fingers slid within me with ease and my nails drew once again against the fabric of the chair to support myself.

He moved me closer to the chair and put pressure at the top of my back for me to lean further forward until my head was rested against the seat of the chair and my bottom was high in the air. His hand landed quickly and firmly against my bottom, I tried to force my rear out more, welcoming his hand against my skin. He continued his assault on my flesh until his arms began to tire and he was sure he had left more than redness on my surface. I stayed in position and waited. His hands grasped at my marked skin as he plunged his length deep inside me. He forced into me deep and hard, his rhythm was relentless, grip in my flesh deepening as he reached closer to his climax.

I felt my own orgasm suddenly upon me, the tremble beneath him was what he had been waiting for, he thrust harder again as his seed exploded from him to deep within my depths. He rested his exhausted body against me and kissed my back. It was the first time he had kissed me that evening.

He helped me up from the chair and led me to the bedroom, we undressed each other slowly and tenderly, our bodies entwined around each other as we lay together, back in his arms where I belong. His arms, his kiss, his seed and his mark on my flesh he had reclaimed me.


Bound to the chair in front of him I suddenly wasn’t feeling so clever, the texts and tweets I’d been sending all week to tease him and tempt him, ready for tonight may have backfired. The instant rough and needy sex I had been expecting was nowhere to be seen. He was calm and in control, I on the other hand was naked, bound and far from calm.
Every time I tried to speak he silenced me, one strong finger against my lips and a clear look in his eyes I soon got the message. He circled me, examining me; I could feel my skin tingle as his eyes scanned across it before finally coming to stand in front of me.
Unlike me he was still fully clothed and now, stood so close, I could see his cock pressing again his jeans seeking release. My eyes flicked up to meet his, becoming aware of how long I had spent staring at crotch. He let out a low rumbling laugh and stepped closer still. His thick cock was just inches away, cloaked still in denim but so close. Surely he couldn’t torment me for much longer clearly he wanted this just as much as I did.
My pleading eyes returning to meet his, he slowly started to unbutton his jeans, with each one I knew I was getting closer to what I wanted and could feel my mouth begin to salivate in anticipation, until finally it was there, proud and thick. I leant forward, wanting it to fill my mouth but still I couldn’t reach it, every time I leant forward he took a step back. Searching his face for answers I slumped back in the chair accepting he would decide when I was allowed more.
He returned to where he had been standing and took a good firm grip of his cock. I had no choice but to watch on as he developed his rhythm and his tip began to glisten with precum. I didn’t know how much more I could take of this, I more than wanted his cock, I needed it now but my pleading was only increase the attention he was giving his cock. Pumping faster and faster I tried once more to lean forward, desperate for a taste of him. His hand went straight into my hair pulling my head back, I met his eyes and I knew he wasn’t going to give in. The look of acceptance on my face seemed to be what he had been waiting for as his warm cum exploding across by breasts.
Regaining himself and untangling his hand from my hair, he traced a finger through the cum he had deposited across my breasts. Greedily I engulfed his finger as he presented it at my lips, never again would I boast so readily that no man could resist a blowjob.

Payment in Kind

She had noticed the unusual table the first time she had visited her Master, it was clear from its position that it was one of his favourite possessions in the room and on that first day she couldn’t really understand why, it was a strange object not particularly decorative and with dimensions she felt unfitting of a table.
Since that day she had become well accustomed to his special table and had herself, developed a growing fondness for it. Instead of unusual, she now found it the most welcoming object in the room and was happy to feel her body against it as often as her Master requested, as he had today.
She stood patiently in front of her Master as he applied the rope gauntlets to her wrists and ankles and feeling him tighten the last piece on her ankle she waited for the command.
“Head down girl”
She immediately turned to face the table and slowly lowered her body across its cold surface until her head and arms were hanging over one edge, while the edge closest rested against her pubic bone. She watched as her Master tied the remaining rope from her wrist restraints firmly to the table legs. She knew what came next and raised herself on her tiptoes to make it easier for him to lay the cushion beneath her stomach.
“Good girl” he purred as he ran his hand down her back and trailed it down her leg to continue with his bindings
The cushion was her favourite addition to the table, as well as the softness it provided in comparison to the table she knew how much more exposed she was once it was in place. She had no choice but to remain on the tips of her toes and knew that this made her pelvis tip. With her legs bound tightly to the table it was impossible for her cunt to be concealed at all.
Her head hanging over the table she tried to work out what her Master might be planning to do next but immediately she heard and felt the slap of leather against the delicate skin of her rear.
“No peeking now girl, I don’t want to have to waste my energy on spanking you. It is going to have a much better use today”
Reeling from the searing pain across her bottom, she absorbed his words as he turned the stereo in the corner on and left the room, closing the door behind him.
She couldn’t help but let her mind question what was coming next,
how long is he planning on keeping me here for? Why has he put music on? Is it to keep me company as he is going to be a while? Or is it to stop me hearing what is going on outside of this room?
The more her mind whirled round with ideas the more excited she could feel herself becoming. She trusted her Master completely so she knew that whatever was going on, perhaps despite appearances she was completely safe here with him.
She seemed to be waiting forever, her ears straining for clues from outside the room, could she hear voices? Or was her imagination playing tricks on her? No, she was sure she could hear voices and they were getting closer. Then, silence….
As she heard the door handle being turned she felt her body stiffen, she didn’t dare lift her head. Her bottom still felt warm from the last time she had tried to peek. She tried to listen to the footsteps over the music, she was sure there was now more than just her Master in the room. The footsteps stopped and so did the music.
She could hear her breath as the anticipation built rapidly,
“Well there it is” her Masters voice “I am sure you can now see how much your craftsmanship has been put to good use”
Craftsmanship? What was he talking about? And who too?! She fought against her every instinct not to lift her head as her mind raced.
“Yes, I must admit I was baffled when you gave the dimensions but now it makes perfect sense”
Who was that?!
She couldn’t help it she had to look, she turned her head in the direction of the stranger’s voice but her Masters reactions were quicker than hers and again her buttocks were left with the imprint of his control and she dropped her head.
She listened as the two men talked, trying to pull everything together.
“Perfect height”
“Ideal shape and length”
They’re talking about the table!
She was purely there to demonstrate its purpose. She calmed a little understanding the situation and feeling able to relax, she did her best to stay still and present the use of the table in the best light for her Master. She hoped if she did her best she would be rewarded once the stranger, or rather the carpenter had left. Focused on trying to remain still, she was only catching glimpses of the conversation.
“Yes it gets a lot of use”
“No it’s very sturdy”
“Would you like a demonstration?”
Wait! What?!
Focus instantly back in the room, she wondered if she had heard correctly.
What was about to be demonstrated? Had this man said yes?
She didn’t think she’d heard him say so and now silence had fallen on the room. She heard a footstep towards her and then he spoke, not to her but to her Master.
“Perhaps you would allow me to experience its use first hand?”
A chuckle rose from her Master “payment in kind for your handy work?”
Me?! I am payment?
The realisation hit home, she wasn’t just there for display she was to be used.
Her master stepped closer and placed his hand in the curve of her back, she began to feel a tingle as his hand travelled further and came to rest between her open lips. She knew she would be wet, the whole situation had heightened her arousal and now she knew she was to be fucked by a stranger, used by her master she knew her Masters fingers would be covered in her juices.
“Well she certainly seems to like the idea!” She could hear the amusement in is voice “Use her well, this a onetime only offer”
She heard the carpenter position himself behind her, as she sensed her Master move away to the corner of the room. After some fiddling about, with what she could only presume was his belt she heard the man’s zip being lower and felt the warm tip of his cock nudge against her lips. She tightened her grip around the table legs as he put the first hand on her hip and slid his length inside her. She couldn’t hold back the moan the seemed to rumble from within her, his cock was big she didn’t need to see it to know. She felt her lips stretch around its impressive girth, and embraced the new fullness she felt within. Placing his other hand on her other hip he pounded into her deeper and harder with every stroke.
The fullness combined with the build up had her close to the edge almost straight away; she tried desperately to hold it as he ploughed into her. There had been no direction from her Master as to whether she was allowed a release but she feared she may not be able to hold on much longer. The man’s grip on her hips tighten as he increased the force in his thrusts, she bit down on her lip trying to stop herself from letting go and giving in to her now desperate orgasm. She could tell by the grunts coming from the stranger inside her that he was nearly there himself, she just needed to hold on a bit longer but she was unsure if she could. She felt the heat rising from her toes she knew it was coming and she wouldn’t be able to hold it back but as the heat hit her core she felt him twitch and withdraw himself, hot strings of cum hitting her back she had done it, he was spent and she hadn’t disobeyed her masters training.
She lay there panting, listening to the man regain himself and fasten his clothes back to the way they were.
“Thank you, feel free to let me know if you need anything else making if that is the sort of payment I will receive”
She heard her Masters chuckle rising again “let me see you out”
Her Master led the man from the room and shut the door again; she listened as their voices faded away down the corridor wondering if they were discussing anything else she could be used as payment for.
Her Master having shown the carpenter out returned immediately and she hoped she had behaved as well as her Master would have expected of her.
“Well done my girl” he said clearly as he entered the room “He was very impressed with you which in turn reflects well on me, you have done me proud this afternoon”
She grinned to herself, her head still hanging down
“And you managed to hold off on that climax I know you were desperate for, so I think you deserve it now”

Good Girl

She was so confident I’d never do it, her swagger said it all. She thought she was in control but tonight that was going to change.

She was dressed perfectly; she knew everyone was watching as we left the restaurant to head for home. She strutted between the tables, her bottom wiggling with every step.

I helped her into the car and listened as she talked the whole journey home. As usual I couldn’t get a word in and chose to not even try, I would get my say soon enough.

She carried on telling me about things I couldn’t give a damn for as we entered the house. Closing the door behind us I followed her as she climbed the stairs and headed for the bedroom. I caught her wrist once she got there and pulled her to face me. For the first time tonight she fell silent. She didn’t resist as I pulled her towards the bed, a sly smile on her lips, she still had no idea what was in store.

I lowered myself to sit on the edge of the bed and guided her to the side of me. I saw the confusion and panic flash across her face as I pulled on the wrist I had been gripping tightly. With her heels on she had no choice but to topple forward, landing across my lap. For a moment she thought I was going to help her up but as one of my arms stretched across her back and the other began lifting her skirt the realisation hit her.

She began to wriggle and protest until my hand came down for the first time on the delicate flesh of her bottom. She let out a squeal and her skin reddened instantly but I wasn’t done yet. I bought my hand down again as she continued to protest, and then again, and again, and again. With each new contact she began to quieten and as my arm became tired she lay there still, no longer resisting my new found control.

I lifted my arm from across her back and stroked her hair “you’re my good girl now”


I know what you’ve wanted since the first day I visited your office. Although you thought you had hidden it well I could feel your eyes burning into my flesh every time my back was turned or you though I wasn’t looking. Had I teased you? Yes, my skirt had become shorter on days I was visiting you, my tops slightly tighter. I had held your gaze longer than was normal and I had given you that knowing smile each time, it was time for me to leave.

Today was no different really, apart from today I was going to leave you with more than just my usual smile. When our meeting was over you rose from your desk to show me out but as my eyes met yours you seem to lose your words. Now you’re just stood there fumbling for words as I rise from my chair and walk toward you. You stop trying to speak and simply watch me as I get closer.

I raise my hand to your chest and with a handful of your shirt I pull you towards me and finally give you the kiss I know you’ve been wanting for so long. You hands grasp at my back and you pull me in tight, where I can feel your growing arousal. Our mouths locked together, tongues dancing to their own rhythm. My hand releases your shirt and begins to trail a path down your chest coming to rest on the now very evident bulge in your trousers.

I pull my mouth away from yours just enough to look into your eyes as I run my finger along the waistband of your trousers. Your deep intake of breath gives away your desire for me to go further. Opening your trousers, you can’t keep eye contact anymore and lean back against the wall behind you as I am presented with your twitching needy cock. With every gentle stoke from my fingers I can see your body tense and sway and as I drop to my knees, you plant a hand on the wall to steady yourself.

I run my tongue across the tip teasing you still, tiny circles with the tip of my tongue making your hips rock forward. Deciding I’ve teased you enough I place my soft, warm lips around your cock; drawing it in. Your head rolls back as the sensation deepens with each movement in and out of my mouth. Your hand finds my hair, as mine finds your balls and you grip increases as I continue. Intensity increasing your hips begin to rock as you fuck my mouth, I know your close as you twist my hair in your grip and I take you deeper into my mouth.

Finally a moan escapes your body as you shoot your seed into my mouth for me to swallow.

While you’re still breathless and using the wall for a support I rise and kiss you so you can taste your cum on me, as you start to kiss me back I pull away again. I head for the door and leave you with that smile you’ve come to know so well.