My Darling A

True Friends

I was so grateful to fall into the world of Twitter nearly 10 year ago now, I had felt so isolated since leaving my hometown and being at home with three small children made it hard to really connect with people. I wasn’t exactly the mumsy type so struggled to find a group of people I had anything in common with.
Twitter was such a lifeline, I remember my husband being disgruntled at the amount of time I would spend talking to people online, he failed to understand what it was like to go from working full time and having a circle of friends close by to spending your days with three young children who weren’t interested in talking about anything other than power rangers or the Tweenies. I wasn’t going to be put off, this was something I needed, something for just me.
I can’t even begin to explain how glad I am that I dug my heals in and kept tweeting. I found myself again there in that place of lovely accepting people and was able to explore the world a little more from my sofa. Some of the best conversations I have had started there and I have made some wonderful friendships and connections over the years.
One of those friendships stands head and shoulders above the rest, I found one of my dearest friends there in the Twittersphere and even now after over 5 years we have never met, but it doesn’t shrink that friendship in the slightest.
In the beginning, our conversations centred around photographs, he would comment on my sinful Sunday posts and send me pictures he had taken. He has an amazing eye and I repeated tried to encourage him to start a blog and join sinful Sunday, his pictures deserved a wider audience than just me, but he never listened. Over time we got to know each other better and I found very early on that I could talk to him about anything. We would talk freely, no fear of being judged on our thoughts and desires and it was such a wonderful gift to feel understood.
There is nothing we won’t talk about, when I started to really want to explore the submissive in me it was him who knew how to help me, knew how to make me feel safe and loved as I let down my guard and stopped hiding behind my hard exterior. It was him that allowed me talk about my deepest desires without fear of judgement and together we enjoyed the girl that emerged. Albeit remotely we have given each other many pleasures and orgasms over the years in ways that I never imagine would be possible.
Above all else though this beautiful man is my friend, when we were in the depths of a period of sexy exploration, suddenly and completely unexpectedly I was hit with an immense sadness. Five years after my mum’s death it hit me like a train and I felt like I was beginning to grieve all over again. The nakedness and fun vanished in an instant, but he didn’t, he was there every day with all the virtual hugs and love I could ask for and when subsequently my marriage fell apart, he was the constant I could rely on. The reasoned mind that I knew would talk me out of an emotional hole and the provider of light and laughter as the fog began to clear.
I am so incredibly grateful to have found this wonderful human amongst the millions of Twitterers out there in the world and I know that one day I finally get to meet him in the flesh and give him the biggest, boob squishing hug of his life but in the meantime I will continue to try and be just as good a friend to him as he has always been to me.

My darling A, thank you for always being unconditional you, I love you x


Those Two Little Words


What started out as me being a bit cheeky many moons ago has over the years come to mean more than the words it follows. I had this done on Christmas eve and having been waiting to show it off ever since.

Sinful Sunday
See who else is joining in this week.

It’s Been A While

It certainly isn’t the longest I have gone without blogging but somehow 12th May seems such a long time ago. The main reason for this is probably because so much has happened in the last six weeks or so. None of the events that have taken place in this time are less or more important than the other but I don’t want to throw them all into one post, they each deserve their own space and of course with one of them being that I am now unemployed I will have the time to write about each of them properly.

For now I suppose I just have a few thank you’s to make and I’m going to start with the super twitter folk that have listened to me moan about losing my job, helped distract me, made me smile and at times offered their advice so thank you to @SCharment @Mcbitchytits @GingerMonkey78 @rawr_imapanda @justarandomscot and @ThisSuperman (I’ve probably missed a couple of other lovely souls but I promise it isn’t intentional I appreciate all of you).

Next is the lovely Pet, thank you for keeping my mind occupied with more fun things than losing my job and being on hand for a good hug when I needed them.

And finally I want to thank my gorgeous hubby, who as always has been by my side offering support, advice and cuddles whenever I need them. He’s also been making me as much tea as I can drink and fetching me chocolate whenever I need it (yes you can NEED chocolate!). You really are so wonderful and I am such a lucky woman to share my life with you. SO MUCH BABY!!

And now I have done my thank you’s I can turn my mind to thinking about what to blog about first, suggestions on a postcard…