Do You See What I See?

Despite this year being a bit of a shit show I have been lucky to have some opportunities in 2020 and one I have really enjoyed is taking pictures of other people.

As well as allowing me to tap into my creativity in a different way to self portraits and being trusted to take the pictures in the first place, it also meant I got to do something special.

We are often our harshest critics, its easy to focus on what we believe are our flaws, in our eyes they stand out above everything else and only by seeing ourselves through someone else’s eyes do we realise that isn’t the case.

When I told the star of this weeks Sinful Sunday that he’s sexy, he pretty much scoffed and rolled his eyes, unable to see what I see but hopefully now he can.

Sinful Sunday

Into the Forest

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul ~John Muir

I have always loved being in the woods, they say a walk in the woods is good for your mental heath. Being naked in the woods was a new experience and definitely one that is good for the soul.

Massive thanks to Monstrous Jaffa for coming on this adventure with me and capturing this picture.

Sinful Sunday


While I love taking pictures, they can so often highlight areas I feel insecure about. The idea of how I look in my head shattered, as I stare at a picture of myself wishing my boobs were firmer, my tummy was flatter, my lips neater.

It’s easy to be critical of ourselves but I have worked hard on learning to love myself over the last year so that now instead of sending pictures like this to the bin I can post them here and comfortably say this is me.

Sinful Sunday

Different Eyes

I think it’s easy in the situation we find ourselves in at the moment to feel a bit down in the dumps and this can often make us feel negative about ourselves. I tried to take some new pictures yesterday and hated them all, I couldn’t find one picture that I would have been happy to share; no amount of editing would have even helped.

I know my body hasn’t really changed and this negative view of myself is a knock on effect of life in its current form. This morning I scrolled back through old photos to remind myself I look better than those few snaps made me feel and I came across this picture. At the time I didn’t use it, I probably decided there was something about it I didn’t like but with different eyes this morning, I love it, I love me in it.

I’ll keep yesterdays pictures for a while, maybe in a couple of months time I’ll be able to look back and find the beauty in them too.

Sinful Sunday

Working from Home

The last few weeks I have been so busy, my entire life had been consumed by work; all I seemed to do was work, eat and sleep. Thankfully as this week drew to close things have eased a little and I could start to enjoy working from home a little more.

Sinful Sunday