New Year, New Me?

In a nutshell, no.
I’m not really one for new years resolutions, I can’t say I ever have been. I find the whole idea a little alien, why do we have to wait for January first to roll around for us to decide we want to do something? If I decide I’m a bit podgy in July,  I’ll be even bigger if I have to wait until January to put it right and if I want a new experience I’m far too impatient to wait however many months and make it a resolution.
I’m not saying there aren’t things I want to do this year, there absolutely is and they are easily summed up in one word, more.
I know on the surface that probably sounds greedy and don’t get me wrong I had some great times last year, lots of laughter, lots of fun and some new experiences so I’d really like some more of the same. After saying year after year that I’d like to go to Eroticon I’m waiting for that email to say tickets are on sale, I’m determined to get there this year. I’m counting down the days until work calms down a little and I can have a few more days off to get back to my much neglected writing. I’ve started practicing  book folding so I can hopefully get a bit more creative at home when I’m not in a position to get out with the camera.
The last few months have been completely swallowed up with work and being poorly but now I’m feeling better and work is settling back down I can concentrate on the things I enjoy.
2016 isn’t going to create a new me but I’m certainly aiming to have a few months that are more me.