Isn’t He Beautiful

I have loved this body for the last fourteen years and still he can’t see what I love. You see my husband doesn’t believe there is anything nice about his body and cannot see what I see. He very bravely agreed to let me to take some photos this evening so I can show you all just a few bits of what I love about him.

His Bum

Isn’t it just scrummy?! Doesn’t it make you want to just grab it?!


His Arms

So strong and so protecting wrapped around me, there is simply no better place to be than in his arms.


His Back

I love how it contours over the muscles and is my favourite place to tickle


His Face

Ok I’m not showing you his face but I promise you it is a lovely thing to wake up next to and as compensation lets have another look at his bum, I mean who wouldn’t want more of that right? Don’t you just want to bite it!!


See, isn’t he beautiful!!

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