Waiting in the Woods

How patiently you waited there, such a good boy.

You barely moved when you heard the branches breaking underfoot.

Had you spotted the shadow between your legs? Did you think it was me?

Or was it only when he touched you that you realised I wasn’t there?

Sinful Sunday

Do You See What I See?

Despite this year being a bit of a shit show I have been lucky to have some opportunities in 2020 and one I have really enjoyed is taking pictures of other people.

As well as allowing me to tap into my creativity in a different way to self portraits and being trusted to take the pictures in the first place, it also meant I got to do something special.

We are often our harshest critics, its easy to focus on what we believe are our flaws, in our eyes they stand out above everything else and only by seeing ourselves through someone else’s eyes do we realise that isn’t the case.

When I told the star of this weeks Sinful Sunday that he’s sexy, he pretty much scoffed and rolled his eyes, unable to see what I see but hopefully now he can.

Sinful Sunday

Editing Control

I loved the idea of this months prompt, to have someone else edit one of my pictures and had a pretty good idea who I was going to ask to edit my picture for me.

The tricky bit was picking a picture to send them. There was a picture I had in mind, one I had been holding onto for a while, one I knew I wanted to use for Sinful Sunday but was also nervous about posting.

I knew I could trust @frankallenweb to edit anything I sent him, he has a soft spot for a good black and white like I do and I knew he would be mindful of my body hangups. So I bit the bullet and sent him the picture I had been deliberating over.

I was really interested to see what he would do with it and so here it is…

I had already done my edit before I saw his and I can’t decide which I prefer, what do you think?

Sinful Sunday


Today I’m celebrating solicited dick pics, we hear so often about the unwanted versions but less so about the fun and joy of being sent a dick pic because you want it, because you’ve asked for it.

There is something so hot about being sent a picture that was taken just for you, knowing the hard cock on your screen is there because of the effect you’ve had on them.

Those are the dick pics I want, the ones that have me biting my lip and salivating at the thought of my lips wrapping around their cock. The ones that have me thinking about how fucking good it will feel when their cock is buried inside me.

So thank you to the star of my Sinful Sunday this week, for allowing me to share one such picture and for eliciting all those thoughts and more.

Sinful Sunday

Into the Forest

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul ~John Muir

I have always loved being in the woods, they say a walk in the woods is good for your mental heath. Being naked in the woods was a new experience and definitely one that is good for the soul.

Massive thanks to Monstrous Jaffa for coming on this adventure with me and capturing this picture.

Sinful Sunday


It’s been a funny old week, I think I have managed to ball every possible emotion into the last few days but I’m ending the week with a smile on my face and feeling lucky.

Lucky to have some special people in my life, lucky to be loved by some and liked by others and even luckier to have some that send me beautiful gifts like this.

Sinful Sunday