Bound to the chair in front of him I suddenly wasn’t feeling so clever, the texts and tweets I’d been sending all week to tease him and tempt him, ready for tonight may have backfired. The instant rough and needy sex I had been expecting was nowhere to be seen. He was calm and in control, I on the other hand was naked, bound and far from calm.
Every time I tried to speak he silenced me, one strong finger against my lips and a clear look in his eyes I soon got the message. He circled me, examining me; I could feel my skin tingle as his eyes scanned across it before finally coming to stand in front of me.
Unlike me he was still fully clothed and now, stood so close, I could see his cock pressing again his jeans seeking release. My eyes flicked up to meet his, becoming aware of how long I had spent staring at crotch. He let out a low rumbling laugh and stepped closer still. His thick cock was just inches away, cloaked still in denim but so close. Surely he couldn’t torment me for much longer clearly he wanted this just as much as I did.
My pleading eyes returning to meet his, he slowly started to unbutton his jeans, with each one I knew I was getting closer to what I wanted and could feel my mouth begin to salivate in anticipation, until finally it was there, proud and thick. I leant forward, wanting it to fill my mouth but still I couldn’t reach it, every time I leant forward he took a step back. Searching his face for answers I slumped back in the chair accepting he would decide when I was allowed more.
He returned to where he had been standing and took a good firm grip of his cock. I had no choice but to watch on as he developed his rhythm and his tip began to glisten with precum. I didn’t know how much more I could take of this, I more than wanted his cock, I needed it now but my pleading was only increase the attention he was giving his cock. Pumping faster and faster I tried once more to lean forward, desperate for a taste of him. His hand went straight into my hair pulling my head back, I met his eyes and I knew he wasn’t going to give in. The look of acceptance on my face seemed to be what he had been waiting for as his warm cum exploding across by breasts.
Regaining himself and untangling his hand from my hair, he traced a finger through the cum he had deposited across my breasts. Greedily I engulfed his finger as he presented it at my lips, never again would I boast so readily that no man could resist a blowjob.