Payment in Kind

She had noticed the unusual table the first time she had visited her Master, it was clear from its position that it was one of his favourite possessions in the room and on that first day she couldn’t really understand why, it was a strange object not particularly decorative and with dimensions she felt unfitting of a table.
Since that day she had become well accustomed to his special table and had herself, developed a growing fondness for it. Instead of unusual, she now found it the most welcoming object in the room and was happy to feel her body against it as often as her Master requested, as he had today.
She stood patiently in front of her Master as he applied the rope gauntlets to her wrists and ankles and feeling him tighten the last piece on her ankle she waited for the command.
“Head down girl”
She immediately turned to face the table and slowly lowered her body across its cold surface until her head and arms were hanging over one edge, while the edge closest rested against her pubic bone. She watched as her Master tied the remaining rope from her wrist restraints firmly to the table legs. She knew what came next and raised herself on her tiptoes to make it easier for him to lay the cushion beneath her stomach.
“Good girl” he purred as he ran his hand down her back and trailed it down her leg to continue with his bindings
The cushion was her favourite addition to the table, as well as the softness it provided in comparison to the table she knew how much more exposed she was once it was in place. She had no choice but to remain on the tips of her toes and knew that this made her pelvis tip. With her legs bound tightly to the table it was impossible for her cunt to be concealed at all.
Her head hanging over the table she tried to work out what her Master might be planning to do next but immediately she heard and felt the slap of leather against the delicate skin of her rear.
“No peeking now girl, I don’t want to have to waste my energy on spanking you. It is going to have a much better use today”
Reeling from the searing pain across her bottom, she absorbed his words as he turned the stereo in the corner on and left the room, closing the door behind him.
She couldn’t help but let her mind question what was coming next,
how long is he planning on keeping me here for? Why has he put music on? Is it to keep me company as he is going to be a while? Or is it to stop me hearing what is going on outside of this room?
The more her mind whirled round with ideas the more excited she could feel herself becoming. She trusted her Master completely so she knew that whatever was going on, perhaps despite appearances she was completely safe here with him.
She seemed to be waiting forever, her ears straining for clues from outside the room, could she hear voices? Or was her imagination playing tricks on her? No, she was sure she could hear voices and they were getting closer. Then, silence….
As she heard the door handle being turned she felt her body stiffen, she didn’t dare lift her head. Her bottom still felt warm from the last time she had tried to peek. She tried to listen to the footsteps over the music, she was sure there was now more than just her Master in the room. The footsteps stopped and so did the music.
She could hear her breath as the anticipation built rapidly,
“Well there it is” her Masters voice “I am sure you can now see how much your craftsmanship has been put to good use”
Craftsmanship? What was he talking about? And who too?! She fought against her every instinct not to lift her head as her mind raced.
“Yes, I must admit I was baffled when you gave the dimensions but now it makes perfect sense”
Who was that?!
She couldn’t help it she had to look, she turned her head in the direction of the stranger’s voice but her Masters reactions were quicker than hers and again her buttocks were left with the imprint of his control and she dropped her head.
She listened as the two men talked, trying to pull everything together.
“Perfect height”
“Ideal shape and length”
They’re talking about the table!
She was purely there to demonstrate its purpose. She calmed a little understanding the situation and feeling able to relax, she did her best to stay still and present the use of the table in the best light for her Master. She hoped if she did her best she would be rewarded once the stranger, or rather the carpenter had left. Focused on trying to remain still, she was only catching glimpses of the conversation.
“Yes it gets a lot of use”
“No it’s very sturdy”
“Would you like a demonstration?”
Wait! What?!
Focus instantly back in the room, she wondered if she had heard correctly.
What was about to be demonstrated? Had this man said yes?
She didn’t think she’d heard him say so and now silence had fallen on the room. She heard a footstep towards her and then he spoke, not to her but to her Master.
“Perhaps you would allow me to experience its use first hand?”
A chuckle rose from her Master “payment in kind for your handy work?”
Me?! I am payment?
The realisation hit home, she wasn’t just there for display she was to be used.
Her master stepped closer and placed his hand in the curve of her back, she began to feel a tingle as his hand travelled further and came to rest between her open lips. She knew she would be wet, the whole situation had heightened her arousal and now she knew she was to be fucked by a stranger, used by her master she knew her Masters fingers would be covered in her juices.
“Well she certainly seems to like the idea!” She could hear the amusement in is voice “Use her well, this a onetime only offer”
She heard the carpenter position himself behind her, as she sensed her Master move away to the corner of the room. After some fiddling about, with what she could only presume was his belt she heard the man’s zip being lower and felt the warm tip of his cock nudge against her lips. She tightened her grip around the table legs as he put the first hand on her hip and slid his length inside her. She couldn’t hold back the moan the seemed to rumble from within her, his cock was big she didn’t need to see it to know. She felt her lips stretch around its impressive girth, and embraced the new fullness she felt within. Placing his other hand on her other hip he pounded into her deeper and harder with every stroke.
The fullness combined with the build up had her close to the edge almost straight away; she tried desperately to hold it as he ploughed into her. There had been no direction from her Master as to whether she was allowed a release but she feared she may not be able to hold on much longer. The man’s grip on her hips tighten as he increased the force in his thrusts, she bit down on her lip trying to stop herself from letting go and giving in to her now desperate orgasm. She could tell by the grunts coming from the stranger inside her that he was nearly there himself, she just needed to hold on a bit longer but she was unsure if she could. She felt the heat rising from her toes she knew it was coming and she wouldn’t be able to hold it back but as the heat hit her core she felt him twitch and withdraw himself, hot strings of cum hitting her back she had done it, he was spent and she hadn’t disobeyed her masters training.
She lay there panting, listening to the man regain himself and fasten his clothes back to the way they were.
“Thank you, feel free to let me know if you need anything else making if that is the sort of payment I will receive”
She heard her Masters chuckle rising again “let me see you out”
Her Master led the man from the room and shut the door again; she listened as their voices faded away down the corridor wondering if they were discussing anything else she could be used as payment for.
Her Master having shown the carpenter out returned immediately and she hoped she had behaved as well as her Master would have expected of her.
“Well done my girl” he said clearly as he entered the room “He was very impressed with you which in turn reflects well on me, you have done me proud this afternoon”
She grinned to herself, her head still hanging down
“And you managed to hold off on that climax I know you were desperate for, so I think you deserve it now”