Live More, Make a List

I’m not really one for new years resolutions as you might have already guessed from my earlier post but this week a friend did come up with something I like the idea of. Her only specification is that she has a new experience every month but when we started on a list of ideas to fill the year and it turned out quite a few of the things on her list I’d also like to do so I’m now working on a list of my own. I’m trying to be realistic with my ideas so I don’t get disappointed and discouraged from continuing with other items on my list but here’s what I’ve got so far.

Write more. Even if no one else ever thinks I’m any good at it, I still love it. There are characters I love to write about, characters I want to follow on a journey I’m not always sure will end the way I had initially intended. It’s a lovely little bit of escapism.
See new parts of the UK. Yes we all love our holidays but so often we are desperate to fly away to sunnier climbs when we have such beauty right here at home. So often over recent years, our holidays have taken me south to beautiful Cornwall but this year I’m going north, expect lots of pictures.
Go to Eroticon. Year after year I have watch the build up and excitement to Eroticon and wished I was going always with the excuse of having to work or not being able to afford it but in all honesty my biggest reason for not booking the time off and saving the money is fear. I’ve always felt a little on the edge of a lot of what goes on on twitter, I join in when I can but feel intimidated by the wonder of many of you. My measly little posts no match for some of the wonderful things I see and read so regularly but on the basis of you’re all just human beings like me with your own fears and insecurities and I am being silly, I will be booking my ticket to Eroticon this year.
Try a new cuisine. A fairly straightforward and easy one. I used to be quite a boring eater, always sticking to what I know but in recent years that has changed and I’m keen to try at least one new cuisine this year.
Go to a burlesque show. Again very straightforward and one my friend also has on her list so I’m sure we’ll manage this one together, maybe with dinner before so I can tick off two on my list.
Get a new tattoo. The design is never a problem, the funding it is but one way or another this will happen this year.
Be more creative. I didn’t get out with the camera enough in 2015 and I really missed it. I’d like to concentrate a little more on wildlife photography if I can but just getting out with the camera will be a good start. I’ve been trying my hand at book folding and my first heart didn’t turn out too bad.
Go to a vintage fair. This one is already in the pipeline, I’ve booked the day off work and am hoping I can find someone to go with just to make it a bit more fun.
That’s about as far as I’ve got so far, I know I’ll probably think of more in the coming days and weeks but the main thing I want is just to live more, not put things off or find excuses and that is something I can completely believe I’ll do.

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Hope and Seth

I desperately want to find more time to write at the moment, to write more about Hope and her friends to be precise. I know I’m biased but I really do love them. Hopefully this little jump back to her first kiss with Seth will spur me on plus it allows me to join in with #kotw

“Morning” Seth’s cheery face was at my office door again. “The new units have just arrived, do you want to come and guide us as to where you want them?”

“Yeah, sure.” I checked my watch as I pulled my chair back from behind my desk.

“Oh” Seth looked me up and down.

I was back to normal office wear after three days in scruffs.

“Sorry, do you have a meeting to go to?”  I couldn’t be certain but there seemed to be a tinge of disappointment in his voice.

“No,no. It’s just I’m finishing at twelve today! I gestured towards my little suitcase. “I have a train to catch so I didn’t want to start a job and then dump it on you. Plus I don’t fancy getting grubby and sweaty and then being stuck on a train for a couple of hours”

“Fair enough” Seth nodded, staring at me a little too intently.

I headed out of the office and he followed behind. “So,” he began, somewhat tentatively as we made our way downstairs. “Weekend away?”

I smiled to myself, he was fishing. “Just a weekend back in London. I have a friend’s birthday party to attend.”

“Are you originally from London then?”

“No not originally but it has kind of been home on and off for about 10 years now. When I’m not at whichever Warrens needs me anyway.”

“Does it not get annoying?” We both stopped at the bottom of the stairs. “The constant moving around?”

“No it suits my lifestyle” The words tumbled out before I could stop them. Why could I not just say I enjoy it or just a simple no, my stupid brain.

“Your lifestyle?” He queried, a flash of intrigue hiding behind his dark eyes.

“Well you know,” I bluffed and blustered “young, no ties etcetera” I pushed through the swing doors as I tried to compose myself. I knew he wasn’t buying it; over the last few days we had been working together constantly and something had just clicked, we got each other. I had been really pleased as it had made work so much more bearable but in that moment I felt vulnerable, exposed. Never mix business with pleasure, it’s the rule everyone knows and there I was blurring the lines. I needed to set it straight, I was his boss not his friend.

“Right, where are these new units?”

“They’re in the loading bay”

“You haven’t even brought them inside? I shot Seth a look, “surely you don’t need my guidance to tell you they need to be in the building?” I could hear how much of bitch I was being and the look on Seth’s face only confirmed it.

His words were slow and staggered as he glared at me “It seemed pointless to move them twice, they are quite heavy you know.” His eyes stayed locked on mine and despite my best efforts he didn’t seem to be wavering as I tried to stare him down.

 I felt the hairs on the back of my neck prickle as a smile grew across my face and a confused look spread across his.

“Well as they are so heavy just get them into the nearest free bay and then next week I’ll come back down and help you get them somewhere more convenient. OK?”

A couple of sniggers from behind confirmed my condescension had not been lost on anyone in the warehouse. Seth didn’t respond but continued to glare at me as I turned to walk away. I gave him my best strut as I called over my shoulder “I’ll be upstairs if you need anymore guidance.”

I smiled all the way back to my office. I never meant any malice but being a patronising bitch really was fun sometimes.

Sinking into my chair I slumped at my desk and pulled my phone from my bag

CLIVE: Morning gorgeous, what time does your train get in?

ME: If I catch the train I’m planning on, I get to Paddington for 4.33. Is that too early for you to meet me? Want me to meet you at yours?

My Phone vibrated almost immediately.

CLIVE: As long as you DO make that train I will be at the station for 4.30 keep me posted xx

I was never late but Clive and my other friends had this strange view of me as I wasn’t as traditionally organised as they were. To them my way seemed chaotic and stressful but it worked just fine for me. In fact I was probably the most relaxed out of all of them and never actually late for anything.

I spent the rest of the morning responding to emails, a job I had been avoiding all week. There is only so much fake pleasantry I can tolerate in one sitting and sadly my inbox seemed full of arseholes I had to be nice to.

Halfway through my last nicey nicey response I was interrupted by a very stern looking Seth.

“Was that really necessary? You made me look like an idiot in front of everyone.”

“Mr Connors, that is no way to talk to a senior!” Mrs Hopkins had rushed to my aid on hearing the noise.

“It’s ok Mrs Hopkins” I raised my voice above them both. “Mr Connors is welcome to express his concerns but he will try and keep his voice down from now on” I ushered her towards the door as I spoke.

“Sorry Mrs Hopkins” Seth offered as I was shutting the door behind her before immediately turning his attention back to me and beginning again in hushed shouts ” What the hell was that? I thought we’d been getting along and then you treat me like an absolute moron!”
I knew he was right, I had bristled because of his prying but I shouldn’t have involved that in work, it was my own mistake. I held my hands up.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t have done it; it was unprofessional and I’m sorry.”

My apology seemed to stun me almost as much as it did him. He had come for a fight and now it seemed neither of us really knew what to say. Both a little confused by how we had got to this situation, we stood staring at each other searching for some kind of understanding. I’m not sure what had happened, I never usually backed down so easily, how dare he come storming into my office shouting the odds. I could feel an anger building inside me as I glared at him, I opened my mouth to give him a piece of mind but he silenced me, before I could begin, as his lips crashed against mine and his hands held the back of my head. My anger turned to passion as I grabbed at him pulling him closer, my nails digging into his back as our mouths continued their battle.

I felt myself give and mould in his hands as they pressed and gripped me tighter.
It had been a long time since a man had kissed me quite like this and I was giddy with the intensity of it. That long forgotten flutter at my core began just as the shrill ring of my desk phone parted us; we jumped as if someone had walked in and found us.

Trying to calm myself I walked towards the desk “Hello?” I kept my back to him as I tried to compose myself.

“Ah, Miss Campbell, I’m glad I caught you” Sinclair’s voice boomed down the line. “I just wanted to get your opinion on something. I’ve been thinking we need to move forward with appointing a new warehouse manager.”


“Well I know you’ve been spending a lot of time down there this week so I wondered what your opinion was of Seth?”

I felt the hairs go up on the back of my neck, how was I suppose to answer that now, with him stood just a few feet behind me and with what had just happened. I didn’t have anything bad to say but I didn’t want him to know that.

“Miss Campbell?” Sinclair prompted.

“I think” I stalled trying to compose my thoughts “that would be a wise choice.”

“Yes but what will he bring to the role? What qualities make him the right choice? Will he be a good leader for the team down there?”

Damn it, there was no way out of this. “I have found him extremely hardworking” I turned to face him. “He has a good working relationship with the other warehouse staff”

The penny dropped, he realised I was talking about him.

“And he has some good ideas. I’m sure he would be more than capable of the role.”

“Good, good. I’ll try and have a word with him this afternoon.”

“OK Nigel, glad I could help.”

I watched Seth as he waited for me to finish on the phone. There was a fresh cockiness to his pose whereas I just felt panicked. What had just happened? Why had I let that happen? What would happen next? As much as I wanted to get Sinclair off the phone I knew once I did I’d have to answer those questions.

“Just a reminder I’ll be out of the office soon but I’ll still be picking up my emails, signal allowing” I was waffling.

“I’m sure we will survive without you for a few hours” Sinclair chuckled like a patronising teacher.

“OK well, I’ll see you Monday.” I hung up.

“So you do think I’m good at my job.” Seth sauntered towards me.

I couldn’t deny he was cute even if he was a bit of a cocky bastard and certainly not my usual type.

“Oh I wasn’t talking about you” I joked, “I was talking about the warehouse manager.”

“That’s if I agree to take the job” he smirked.

A small laugh escaped as I shook my head, “cocky.”

“So do you fancy going for a drink when you get back from London?”

“Erm, yeah, sure.” NO! What was I saying? This was a bad idea, a really bad idea.

“I’m not sure what time I’ll be back though,” I tried to backtrack. “It might not be till late.”

“That’s OK,” he leant across me and took a piece of paper from my desk. “Text me when you know what time and we’ll sort something.” He scrawled his number down and handed it to me. “Late’s fine, I’m a bit of a night owl anyway.”

“OK” I managed to stutter.

“I best get back down there and let you get your train. Have a great time” He kissed my check and headed for the door.

My mind in a whirl I managed to mumble a thank you as he walked out.

New Year, New Me?

In a nutshell, no.
I’m not really one for new years resolutions, I can’t say I ever have been. I find the whole idea a little alien, why do we have to wait for January first to roll around for us to decide we want to do something? If I decide I’m a bit podgy in July,  I’ll be even bigger if I have to wait until January to put it right and if I want a new experience I’m far too impatient to wait however many months and make it a resolution.
I’m not saying there aren’t things I want to do this year, there absolutely is and they are easily summed up in one word, more.
I know on the surface that probably sounds greedy and don’t get me wrong I had some great times last year, lots of laughter, lots of fun and some new experiences so I’d really like some more of the same. After saying year after year that I’d like to go to Eroticon I’m waiting for that email to say tickets are on sale, I’m determined to get there this year. I’m counting down the days until work calms down a little and I can have a few more days off to get back to my much neglected writing. I’ve started practicing  book folding so I can hopefully get a bit more creative at home when I’m not in a position to get out with the camera.
The last few months have been completely swallowed up with work and being poorly but now I’m feeling better and work is settling back down I can concentrate on the things I enjoy.
2016 isn’t going to create a new me but I’m certainly aiming to have a few months that are more me.

A Different Kind of Nightmare

I jolted awake, my mind confused and wandering in the darkness. I wasn’t sure what had woken me and then I heard it, heard her. The nightmares had been frequent at the start but Hope hadn’t mentioned them for a good five years. I had left my bedroom door open tonight just in case and now I knew it was just as well I had. Throwing back the covers I headed for the door and padded across the landing.

“It’s OK Hope, it’s just a dream, I’m here Hope.” I tried to keep my voice level and calm but my just awake croakiness crackled through it. I got to the edge of the bed, the light from the landing flooding in through the open door. Something seemed different compared to the old ones and as I leant over to stroke her hair I noticed she wasn’t thrashing about like she used to. I continued to stroke her hair and talk softly as I sat beside her. Her body turned towards me and as the light caught her face I noticed she didn’t look upset at all. Her hand appeared from beneath the covers and as more moans escaped her lips it slid its way along my thigh.

The drowsy fog of interrupted sleep lifted immediately, Hope wasn’t having a nightmare at all, she was having a dirty dream. I jumped up from the bed and backed towards the door feeling confused and aroused. I had thought seeing David would have triggered old feelings and the strange mood she’d been in when we left the club seemed to confirm that but I hadn’t expected this. I was relieved she wasn’t having a nightmare but if this dream was also the effect of seeing him, if she was having an erotic dream about David that could be just as bad.

As I stood in the doorway thinking over the implications of what I was seeing I couldn’t help but be aware of the effect this scene was having on me. As much as I tried to ignore it, it just wouldn’t go away. A louder groan came from Hope and my cock jumped like it was trying to break free of my boxers. My hand holding myself I moved back towards my bedroom but I couldn’t bring myself to close the door. As Hope continued to groan from her bed, I leant against my bedroom wall, my ear almost against the doorframe and freed my cock. A moan of my own escaped as my hand wrapped around my shaft. Closing my eyes I focussed on the noise coming from the next room, interspersed with her moans were the gentle sounds of her body’s movements. Her whole body writhing between the mattress and the blanket as her mind took her through this carnal dream, the details of which I would never know. My hand pumped faster as I added my own fantasy to Hope’s growing soundtrack. I could hear her breaths now, her breasts rising and falling more rapidly as she crept closer to the edge. I cupped my balls with my other hand as I slid my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock, now glistening with precum. Her moans were growing, my hand moved in time and as I heard her take a big breath my rhythm increased again. She seemed silent for ages, was it all over? I couldn’t stop now even if she had, I was too close to stop now. That long breath finally left her in a deep guttural moan that sent me reeling, I bucked forward as my cum exploded onto the bedroom floor.

Crawling across the floor I climbed back into bed and dragged the covers over my head, trying to block out the night that had lead to this point. I had questions that I would probably never get the answers too but they all continued to swim around my head as I drifted off to sleep.

Gin Goddess

This originally started out as a post for @Rebelsnotes meme #wickedwednesday. The prompt was to write two versions of the same story, one the fantasy story we are used to reading and the other a more realistic account. I started with realistic story as I thought it would be a lot of fun which it was but then I got stuck. I just couldn’t write the fantasy version, it just wouldn’t come. I decided to post this half anyway as it was such fun to write and has made me want to put more humour and realism into what I write in future.

If you’d like to see who did manage to write both sides you can see all the Wicked Wednesday posts here.

Morning chick!
You’re not going to believe the night I had last night, what a complete disaster! I went out for drinks with Sadie from work, you know the really hot one with the perfect breasts? I should have known better really, going out as a stunner’s sidekick is never going to end well. We went to this bar just down the road from work, men in suits everywhere, you’d have been in heaven! We manage to get a couple of seats across the table from these two good-looking guys at which point I was thinking being Sadie’s sidekick might not be so bad after all but then, we realised they were actually a couple and their serious conversation was in fact a squabble about their upcoming nuptials. Thankfully before either of them got too drunk or angry they left, not before Sadie and I had spent a fair amount of time earwigging though. Inviting ex’s to your wedding, always a tricky subject! I headed to the bar for another round of cocktails and by the time I wrestled my way to the bar and back again their seats had been taken by what can only be described as another stunner/sidekick duo. Of course Sadie and her male counterpart were already deep in flirtation and so beyond a brief introduction to her new friend I had all but lost her attention and settled myself in for the remainder of the evening making light chit-chat with sidekick number 2 until our beautiful friends decided it was time to rip each other’s clothes off.
That would have been fine, I’ve been there before and we both know I can talk for England but I think I the cocktails must have taken over. I was matching this guy drink for drink, he it seemed was drinking more than he’s used to out of nerves. I was drinking to make him seem more entertaining.
Anyway, at some point the gin kicked in (I know, I know! Gin and I have never been good friends) and released my inner sex pest! It all gets a bit blurry from there, I remember sitting on his lap and grinding myself against his thigh and then bits of the walk to his flat which I believe included a fumble in an alleyway and the next thing I remember clearly was being back at his flat.
We’d fallen through the door, I’d like to say it was in the throes of passion but it was actually him trying to stop me giving him a massive love bite on his neck. I slammed the door behind me and the flicker of fear in his eyes seemed to spur me on. I launched towards him and my mouth was on his as he stumbled backwards through his bedroom door.
In my all-powerful gin mode, I had managed to unbuttoned his jeans and his shirt without any of the usual fumbles and as he tried to wrestle the ruffled up denim from around ankles I had stripped and stood before him in full goddess glory. From there it seemed like an age of fumbling began, his nervous hands trying to locate my sweet spot until I lost my patience and forced his head between my legs. The poor boy nearly suffocated! I’d wrapped my legs onto his shoulders and with my hands on his head it took me a moment to realise the noise coming from him wasn’t actually screams of pleasure but rather a desperate plea for his life!
I still wasn’t done with the poor soul, I let him catch his breath while I rubbed his cock back to life so I could have another go. He grabbed a condom from his bedside draw and with shaking hands rolled it down into place, I pushed him flat onto the bed and positioned myself above him. I must have lowered myself onto him with more force than either of us had anticipated because as I did he let out what can only be described as a whimper. Undeterred, I lifted my hips and dropped down onto him again before settling into what was probably a very erratic rhythm. I rode the life out of the poor boy, I’m not even sure if he ever reached orgasm. The last I remember was digging my nails into his chest as my own orgasm took over and then flopping beside him, at which point I must have passed out.
Thankfully I woke up at about 5am needing a wee and managed to grab my clothes and run without him waking up but somewhere out there, there is a poor guy waking up feeling used and abused and probably a bit bruised as well! I really should come with a warning DO NOT GIVE THIS WOMAN GIN!!

Lunch Break

We’d been firing text messages back and forth all morning, a slow, sweet build up to when we could finally be alone together. As I watched the office clock tick round I willed it to move faster, I couldn’t even concentrate on my work now our moment together was so close. As the clock struck 1pm I fired off one final email telling him I was on my way, chucked my phone into my bag and headed out of the office. Striding along the corridor I checked behind me before slipping through a side door at the end and into the emergency stairwell.

Looking down over the rail I’m greeted by his smiling face waiting for me two floors below. I make my way down to him and follow behind as we venture through the  badly lit and neglected corridors in the depths of the building.I make one more check behind me as we reach the door to our sanctum before following him inside and closing the door.

The old strip lighting clinks and flickers above us as I launch myself at him. My body smashes against his, forcing him to stumble backwards until he is pinned against the metal racking that fills the old store-room. My mouth crashes against his with a desperate need to devour him, to take him in and make him mine. His hands move towards my chest as he begins to try to fight against the assault on his lips but my lust outweighs his protest and as I force his wrists against the cold metal shelf at his head, the tension in his body fades. He is melting into me, leaving the world outside that door behind and surrendering himself to me.

Breathless from my campaign I release my hold and rest against the unit behind me, his body sags and he slumps to his knees. Staring at the top of his head I wait as he composes himself and lifts his head to me. That look in his eyes gets me every time, who needs words when he can convey such adoration and need in the simple act of meeting my eyes. My need matching his I hitch my skirt up and prop my bottom on the supportive strut of the unit at my back.

He leans in eagerly, desperate to immerse himself in me. His mouth hits me with a ferocity matching my assault on his lips and my legs lift higher in response. His hunger drives him in and as he plunges his tongue into me I have to find something to hold. I desperately grasp at the back of his head pulling him deeper into me as my hips begin to pitch and sway. My orgasm rips through me like lightning, my body convulsing and humming as he continues to lap at me until I am left a panting euphoric mess.

My legs slip away from him and his hands guide me back to my feet. While I get my balance he straightens my skirt for me and looks up at me proudly. I can’t resist kissing his sweet happy face again before helping him up even though I know we are probably now both late back from lunch. We head back out into the corridor, our fingers entwined and we begin up the stairs together. Reaching my floor I steal one final kiss before sending him on his way and slipping back out of the stairwell and back towards the office.

As I settle back at my desk the ping of an email arriving makes me jump, clicking on the flashing envelope I see it is from my boss:

P: Seen as you missed lunch, allow me to buy you dinner? X

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The Birthday Present~Guest Post

Today I received an email from a friend. He had decided to try his hand at writing some erotica and I was lucky enough to be the first person to read his first piece of work. I was completely blown away by it and knew it would be an absolute travesty if no one else got to read it. Thankfully he agreed that I could share it with you all. So here it is, please read it and leave him a comment if you too think that for a first story it’s pretty impressive. ~Ouizzi

Diane woke to find she had the bed to herself; she could hear the bath running and sounds from the kitchen. It was her birthday and Anton obviously had something special planned so she closed her eyes and tried to think of what it might be. After a few minutes Anton came into the room, kissed her gently on the lips,

“Happy Birthday Sweetheart” he said whilst taking her by the hand and leading her to the bathroom. The bathroom was lit by scented candles and the aromatic perfumes filled her senses. She stepped into the bath and settled down. This was a good start to the day; she thought.

“You relax, I‘ll be back soon” he said leaning over and softly caressing her neck with his lips.

As she soaked in the bath she sensed that today was going to be very special indeed.


A while later he returned, helped her to stand, wrapped her in a big towel and led her to the bedroom where a table was set up. Smoked salmon on scrambled egg, her favourite and a glass of Champagne. She dried herself and they sat down to eat.

“I could get used to this” she said smiling across to him.

“This is your day sweetheart, but I am in charge of it. All you have to do; is everything I tell you” Diane was taken aback by this and looked him in the eye. There was a steely determination in them which she rarely saw, she liked it!

“Yes Master!” she said, smiling but not mockingly. They had experimented with Dom/sub role play before but not for a while. Diane felt the excitement grow.

After Breakfast Anton Said “while I clear the pots away you get yourself ready, Hair tied up please.” She did as instructed and tied her hair in a long plait circled into a bun, when he came back into the room he carried a leather body harness which he fitted to her without saying a word. The Straps were tightened at the waist, thighs and collar. He then produced a plain black silk dress which he put over her covering the harness. He then produced a pair of her plain black flat shoes; this surprised her as she was expecting him to want her in high heels which he liked her in so much.

“Time to go” he said and led her by the hand down stairs and out to the car. Diane was now feeling nervous and confused. Their role playing in the past had always taken place in the safety of their own home.

“Where are we going babe?” she asked.

“Trust me” he said “and address me as Master from now on until I say otherwise” His voice was gentle but uncompromising. They drove for about 45 minutes into the countryside before turning into a gated tree lined lane. About a mile into the woods they pulled into a layby and got out.

Anton got a sports bag out of the boot and locked the car. “This way” he said and took her by the arm and guided her down a narrow path, after a short walk they came upon a thick gorse hedge with a solid wooden door in it, Anton took out a key and unlocked the door, locking it behind him they went through a two meter tunnel of gorse and emerged into a circular area about 10 meters across. The hedge around was about three meters high. The afternoon sun beating down, it seemed an idyllic place for a private picnic. As Diane took in the scene she saw that dotted around the circle was several wooden structures.

Anton led her to a post. He positioned her with her back to the post. “Do you trust me Diane?”

“Yes Master, totally!” she said.

“Then take off your dress and shoes” he commanded. As she did so he opened the sports bag and produced leather wrist cuffs which he put on her, attached to a length of rope and reached up passing it through a ring on the post above her head. Pulling on the rope Diane’s hands were pulled up and the rope was tied off leaving her helpless and exposed, naked except for the body harness. Anton put cuffs on her ankles then stood and ran his hands over her body lingering over her breasts and inner thighs, tracing every contour with his fingers. Diane writhed with nervous excitement at his touch. Anton went back into his bag and took out a black latex hood. He moved close to Diane and kissed her gently on the lips. Diane’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the hood and Anton spoke softly, “Last chance, do you want me to go on?”   Diane’s mind was whirring, fear, excitement and pure sexual exhilaration all making her head swim.

“Yes Please Master” she said breathlessly. Anton took the hood and stretched it over her head and zipped it down the back. A collar fastened snuggly round the neck. All was dark for Diane now as there were no eyeholes, just two small holes at the nostrils and a larger one for the mouth. Anton then put a ring gag into her mouth and fastened the straps at the back of her head forcing her mouth open and preventing speech. He caressed her body all over squeezing and massaging her breasts and sliding his fingers in and out of her now juicy pussy. Diane writhed and bucked in pleasure but as she came close to climaxing he stopped, raised his head to her ear and said, “Happy Birthday, I’ll see you later” and he walked away.

What!! Diane’s head was swimming, what the fuck just happened??? When all these thoughts subsided she struggled to control the noise of her breathing and strained to listen. She heard a key turn in the lock of the gate and then nothing. She struggled against her bonds but soon realised they were solid and she was going nowhere. She could feel the warm sun on her body and hear the sound of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. The sound of birdsong and insects becoming louder and louder, she could feel flies landing on her naked breasts and body. She waited for what seemed like ages with every new sound and feeling being amplified a hundred fold in her helpless isolation. She trusted him implicitly and knew he wouldn’t let any harm come to her but still her head swam with fear and apprehension.

After what seemed like an age she heard the metallic click of key in lock again and a feeling of relief flooded into her whole body. She strained to listen but the soft grass muffled any sound of footsteps. Suddenly she felt the sting of a slap to her behind which made her scream. She then felt a hand upon her inner thigh which made her buck and twist. There was something different?  The hands were gloved in what felt like soft leather. He’s trying to trick me, she thought, trying to make me think it may be someone else. She relaxed a little and when she felt her hands being released from above her she complied with the guidance of the gloved hands.

She was walked forwards over the soft warm grass a few yards and was stood with legs astride what she assumed was the sawhorse like structure she had spotted on entering the gorse enclosure. Her ankles were attached at the bottom and she felt herself being bent forwards over the sawhorse, her front making contact with the hot sun-baked wood. Her hands were pulled down either side of the front legs and attached leaving her straddled across the structure with her backside in the air and her bum and pussy available for whatever Anton wanted to do with them. Her head was also in such a position where her chin was raised with her mouth open to what came next.

She felt the gloved hands spanking her and her arse cheeks getting hotter and hotter with every blow. She pushed her backside out to meet each blow; she had always liked being spanked. Then came the shock! She felt fingers probing her anus and wet pussy throwing her into a frenzy and she started to cry out in pleasure when she felt her head taken hold of and a hard penis thrust into her mouth.

Oh god there’s two of them. Anton had always argued against her ideas of a threesome so the thought never entered her head. Her mind was reeling and as she tried to make sense of what was now happening to her she felt the thrust of a hot throbbing cock in her quivering hot pussy and another in her mouth. Sparks were flying round her head as she was worked into a frenzy. A massive orgasm came upon her like a tidal wave, every muscle in her body thrown into spasm but with her tied down so securely the wave had nowhere to go but back to her pussy. Her head almost exploded in a flash of lightning and she passed into an almost comatose state of euphoria. She remained in this state as she was released and slowly came to her senses to find herself lying on a blanket being held in the firm loving embrace of Anton’s arms.  This was a birthday she wouldn’t forget for a long time.